The Teachings of the Magi and of the Veritas

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 Veritanism is searching for truth by moving through and exploring paradigms, done through art, meditation, adventures, altered states etc. Seeing reality as infinite, in every way.
"Do you ever just think about how infinite it all is; and about all the possible places?  Then realize that whatever you think must exist somewhere, and then to realize the interesting connection you must have with that place to have thought of it, out of all infinity?  When you are immersed in this wonder, you will understand the spirit of Veritanism."  -Samm-
"You may be wondering what you are doing in here, looking at a flickering screen instead of running out into the real world to find the real mysteries and solve them.  I'm wondering that too."  -Gad-

 Four books you should read if you are interested in Veritanism are, 

 Here is a book by Davit of Syracuse called the Veritas.  Note that it does not go to the right page with all browsers, the Veritas is on page 40.
      Eleven Principles of VeritanismBook of ZalmoxisThe Galaxy of AocicinoriThe Veritas.  Also see The Art of Magisism and Some other important texts and discourses are the Lecture on the hidden flame, the Titan Discourse and the Book of the Magi.
          The magistic world and galaxy of my great Uncle Scotlund Leland Moore, called Aocicinori.  Here is my magistic world called the world of Atara.
Regarding Allegations that I "made it all up"
           Some old embittered Veritans have alleged that I made up veritanism as some evil plot to get them to run around in the night acting like idiots.  One of these veritans named Monte even quotes me as saying that I made it all up, and some may ask if I really said that; so I shall clarify what I meant by "making it all up".
          The entire premise of Veritanism is that you can make your own reality into what it will be.  People are already making their own realities all around us but do not realize what they are doing.  They sometimes don't like the reality they have made for themselves not realizing they are the ones who are responsible for perceiving it in the way they are, or even making it into what it is.  The reason there are embittered veritans is because they expected me to deliver what no man can do for them.
          Now regarding the "making it all up".  The first rite a Veritan receives is the "making a world" rite.  This is where a Magi asks a veritan what he wants his world to be like.  As the veritan answers the questions a new perception is hopefully conceived that he can make his world into anything he wants, and that this applies to the reality he has made for himself.  If Veritans don't get the term "making it all up", then they didn't get anything out of what I taught them and they were indeed wasting their time.
          If God did not make up the world there would be no world, if I did not make up the system called Veritanism there would be no Veritanism.  Nothing gets created without making things up and unlocking creativity is the purpose of Veritanism.
          It is true that I engineered some circumstances as kind of a live action rite or endowment, or at least got everyone onto the same wave length so that they would interpret certain circumstances in the same way with each other.  All these things had a purpose and those involved had to believe it was real to have the right effect.  Really I lament that most of the Veritans did not get the purpose behind what we were doing and feel cheated in some way.
          During the second rite the Magi present the Veritans with a paint brush and a candle.  The candle represents the Veritan's inner light that will help them decern truth as it really is.  The paint brush is what I wish to focus on for a moment though.  The paint brush represents the power given into the hand of the Veritan to write his own story, or in other words to create his own reality.  Making his inner self the master, not outward circumstances, people pretending to be leaders, or chemicals in his body.
          If the Veritans understood these principles they would hail the "making all it up" as a incredible work of inspiration and creativity.
          This story does take another turn, as long after the History of Veritanism as it stands is concluded, I turned very orthodox in an attempt to get back to the religious aspect of things, and lost sight of everything we did; so much so that I was not sure if some of the supernatural things that happened were of God or of the devil, which is a very silly notion in the light of all truth.  As all things which are praise worthy or of good report ultimately come from God.
          During this time I told various people including Monte that I was not sure it was of God, which only gave them more fuel against me; as I am not all knowing, nor do I pretend to be.  I am only a seeker of truth, and the search for truth has lead me on many paths, all of which have resulted in learning new perspectives.  The purpose of mortal life is to learn good from evil, and the problem with most Veritans is that they prefer to stay in their comfort zone, being shielded from evil or at least their perspective of it and thus never learning the true difference.  It was a revolutionary moment when I realized that many things I really considered to be good were actually evil and for the most part served to keep me ignorant of the true difference between good and evil.
          Unfortunately for most embittered Veritans if they are still out there somewhere looking for truth, they are still Veritan, because a Veritan is simply someone who is seeking for truth.  A Magi is someone who has found truth and is attempting to live it, share it and record it for future generations.
          I will now briefly share part of a letter to an old friend about some of the meanings of what we experienced in Veritanism.
          "Essentially Veritanism was a form of "non-christian Gnosticism".  Growing up we were desperately craving more than the Church could give us, you know this.  We took any mention of God out of our Visions and out of Veritanism in general because we didn't want to step on the Churches toes, this lead into many wrong paths and misunderstandings as God is the source of all truth.  It was this disparity that lead to the power of the Over-mind.  The Over-mind was a product of our own demiurge manifesting himself in the censoring of the truth.  Indeed our Over-mind was the Church itself, or at least it is what gave him his power.  I realized this and also realized I had to live up to what I knew to be true with the promise of the Magi that it would lead to more truth, which it has.  I followed the Star and it lead me down the path that I have trod.  So I started a new pilgrimage, one in the opposite direction as you were going, but I hoped our paths would lead us eventually to the same spot, where we could meet again.
          When we first started having the Visions of Canada at the very beginning, the power of the Over-mind had not as yet set in, because we had not as yet become politically correct.  It was a time of enlightenment when Canada beckoned us freely into her presence to become one with her.  What we didn't understand at that time is that she was a manifestation of Sophia (Wisdom) and that if we had become one with her, we would have at that time become individuated.  She was our feminine half.  That is we would have become homogeneous beings within our minds and ultimately Divine Anthropose or in other words Hermaphrodite Gods which the Eloheim are.  After doing this we would have accomplished overcoming the illusions of this world like we originally were aiming for.
          Once you can see the illusions of this world clearly it is an easy thing to banish your Archons and traditions and see things as they really are.  I am putting these things in Gnostic terms so that you can understand them, but Gnosticism only contains the basic concepts.  I have become a Seer and I see the energy all around me and the Visions of Eternity are opened up to me and I am attempting to restore the fullness of scripture to the earth; which is a continuation of scripture from the time the Adams came out of the Garden until now.  You may join me in this glorious work, but if this is not your path and you do not wish to, that is okay also."
          I hope you enjoy this website, dedicated to being an archive of Veritan teachings.  You shouldn't believe something just because someone says they didn't make it up, and you shouldn't disbelieve something because someone says they made it up.  Believe it if it is truth, and if it speaks to you, or if it helps you.  I did make a lot of it through my creative powers which I have been endowed with by the inspiration of the Great Creator, because man only sins in that he purposely remains ignorant or if he does not confess the hand of the Gods in all things.  May the hidden flame be with you in your search for truth.

Hans Woodman (Samuel Warren Shaffer)
P.S. Some have also accused me of embellishing truth when telling of my personal experiences because of their amazing nature.  First of all much more is able to be achieved when I am with myself because I am at unity with myself and therefore have more power to bring things into reality as I perceive them and therefore attain higher things than is otherwise possible with a group of disbelievers.  Those who make such allegations clearly have not grasped onto the concept and importance of Veritan Mythos, and the power it can have on the mental state of the one who enjoys it.  Quite frankly it is also none of the business of those who cannot benefit from the meaning of the same; or who are so carnally minded as to not be capable of having such experiences of their own.  What such individuals really want, is for me to conform to their idea of an adult and murder the part of myself which is capable of creativity and child like faith as they have done.  For the record, super natural things really did happen in Veritanism to the best of my perception, which perception is what really is important as Veritanism is a path of mental transfiguration.
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