The Teachings of the Magi and of the Veritas


Eleven Principles of Veritanism

By Hans Woodman


1.   We are the Seekers of truth. We know the attainment of knowledge is the purpose of life, leading us to perfect love and joy. We know there is a force of creativity called Wickle. We also know about the absence thereof called Bov, which is the road to ignorance and nothingness. Thus Eternal Ascension is the attaining of higher states leading us to Wickle.

2.   We know in order to truly gain anything of worth one must make a sacrifice of equal value. Likewise if something is gotten unjustly it will be emptiness unto them.

3.   We know, we and all things including the earth were first made or born Mentally, second Spiritually and third Physically. We know that death and resurrection is necessary in all three of these areas for perfection.

4.   We know there are an infinite amount of Worlds, Dimensions and plains of existence, in which there is abounding life. We also know of an in-between land that is a fissure separating the Dimensions. Things often go there as a result of natural law, keeping the galaxy in balance. If one goes there they will be sorted according to it's will.

5.   We know the Secret fire is the Light of the World. It is invisible to the unworthy. It is that inner light that illuminates our minds, and life could not exist without it! We know it comes through the sun from the eye of God.

6.   We know Time is simply the gaining of intelligence. Time is one as truth is one. There are many reckonings of it according to the intelligence of the measurer. There is God's Time, angel's time, prophet's time and man's time.

7.   We know walkers come from all forms of life and energy. They also come in all shapes, sizes and colors, and sometimes mistaken for spirits.

8.   We know there is differing states of mind, in which we gain so much capacity and understanding. It has been reckoned by brain percentage, for instance any state below three percent generally means we are unconscious. Most mundane people however never go above State 6. We know State 26 is when super natural things are possible by merely thinking about them. State 76 however is the point at which inter dimensional travel is accomplished.

9.   We know the Meta is the world of the mind. Anything anyone has ever thought is there. It is endless, one mind may reach another through it. If anything exists here physically or spiritually it first existed there for its creator first thought of it. We also know the Dream world is a state of the Meta that is the Plain of unconscious thought. The Dream world is most important for developing friendships.

10. We know negativity makes unwanted things a reality according to the creative power of the mind. Fear and anxiety are the meta tools of evil. They have the power to make self fulfilling problems. Faith and positive thinking however make good a reality in our imperfect world. Thus the fulfillment of a perfect world depends on our continuing labor.

11. We know Magi are the wise men of the mental order. Their threefold mission is to learn truth, teach truth, and write truth. We also know there are Titans who are the leaders of the physical order. They are stewards over natural things, gaining power through their Titan stones as they care for and love their subjects.



-Hans Woodman-