The Teachings of the Magi and of the Veritas

The World of Atara
by Samuel Warren Shaffer

           The World of Atara is my own Magistic world which I shall share here so that everyone can see that Magistic worlds can very from person to person, also so people can have some more examples.

 World Map of Atara


          Here is a PDF book of maps of the Inner Continent of Atara.  You may notice that some of the spelling is a little comical, not being the best, but I did draw those maps as a kid.  You will notice that Atara on the world map is that little island continent at the top right patrially surrounded by ice.  The reason it is not overtaken by the ice is because of thermal heat that is generated by there being many openings to the inner earth there.
          Here are also some Miscellaneous Maps of Ashon and Magalaya.  Also here is an explanation of a cave creature on my world called a Seegar.  I hope you have enjoyed looking at my world and are inspired to create your own.