The Teachings of the Magi and of the Veritas


Lecture on the Hidden Flame

By Hans Woodman


          The Hidden Flame is the Light of the World. It is invisible to the unworthy. It is that inner light that illuminates our minds, and life could not exist without it!

          The Hidden Flame is the power and intelligence given to the suns in space. The Hidden Fire is the Glory that comes from God’s throne through the grand mediums of his flaming sight to our sun, and from our sun to us. The Hidden flame is given to the elect but the unworthy live in darkness, not physical darkness but in ignorance of their inner light. The Secret Fire is pure intelligence and it is the light within us.

          All men have a portion of this light save those who have sinned against it. In its illumination the children of men enjoy a part of its intelligence. Teaching them about wrong from right, and about nature and the existence of a higher state. It sometimes helps us to remember our existence from back before the faintest glimmer of memory in the night of forgetfulness. Not fully allowed to part the curtains of our memory but giving us little hints to past glory and civilization.

          The Secret Fire connects our spirit’s thoughts to our brain and those who have lost it are controlled by the chemicals in their bodies alone, thus becoming a creature controlled by circumstance and ultimately a nothing in thought. There are those that through honest seeking have gained a greater portion and even better yet there are those wise men in ages past who have received so great a light that they have become a conduit of it, making their hearts like a Sun within them receiving an infinite portion, springing up unto all wisdom.

          The Secret Fire is like a torch passed from one carrier to another. There are many flames on the earth at a time and God is their source. Some people remember as it were another’s memories from long ago. These memories are not always a past life but simply the knowledge of a past bearer, preserved in the Flame. Thus some inspired story tellers have told true stories often times unawares. When one dies and his spirit is separated from his physical body, his mantel and calling as it wear falls on another. This is the passing of the Flame, that a new soul who comes into the world is endowed with light and gifts from his predecessors.

          The Sun has been called in ages past the “All Seeing Eye.” This is a true statement, for God surely looks from his throne into his giant crystal glass planet and from it to the conduit through our sun and through all other suns upon our lower and all other lower kingdoms. For God’s eye is piercing and glorious! In an attempt to copy God the evil one has taught dark lords of the earth to make false towers and eyes, deceiving men to worship the false eyes of men. Yet the Sun has always risen ever shedding the Hidden Fire on the righteous.


Hans Woodman