The Teachings of the Magi and of the Veritas


The Titans Discourse

By Hans Woodman

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  "I am the Forest Titan. I make Life where I can.”

Life is a song that never ends with many strange and marvelous melodies. Life is a weave with many harmonious patterns of power. This Titan holds the magic of the Forest, the falling leaves, of the driven snow and the coming of leaves and flowers again. He holds the key to the heart of life.

He walks through the forest with a garment of power about him. He is the king on the mountain throne. In ages past he hunted a white stag who would give him a chase but when the eyes of the two met they had perfect love and honor for one another. He is a mighty hunter and a perfect tracker, silent are his feet and perfect his smell.

His rangers are as the Aryans of old, Masters of the bow and lovers of music. Their mountain home lay deep in the shadows of a joyful forest, and few are they who come and see their glory. This Titan gains energy from all the life around him that freely gives it to their master, for he takes care of and protects them.

He is a mighty Wizard for he knows how to use the energy to work many miracles, and is a scholar in all the symbols of the trees. The Forest Titan of Forest Titans has green skin as the canopy of leaves and antlers like a mighty stag. He is the master of bards who tell tales and sing songs, that the many countries through which they travel might have truth abounding in their hearts and long ever for the magic of the woods.

The servants of this Titan have said. “Look hard and you might see a tree spirit. Or listen, for they make strange songs, be silent and have ears to hear for all things have life even the rocks around us. Meditate in the forest and listen to the wind in the trees and you might learn of its ways.

   “I am the Wind Titan. Only in the Mind’s eye can I be seen.”

Wind changes many things yet it is invisible. One can imagine its many hands picking things up and throwing them into the sky but none know what it truly looks like save The Mind Titan. Wind is the messenger of the Titans bringing tidings to far off places and wise men. As they hear its voice the world changes around them.

The Wind is constantly moving, bringing the seasons, rain and sunshine. Where it came from and to where it will go is impossible to know but to the Mind Titan. It carries travelers over waves and birds through the clouds. The powerful Magi of the past wore cloaks of feathers to help them move from world to world for the wind is master of all secret portals.

As Han and Dro came out into the sunshine of the day though blind at first knew beyond doubt they were free for they felt the breeze upon their faces. In ancient times powerful men went to the top of their towers to speak into the wind and the wind would bring it to the ears of the gods. Wind blows out little flames and makes large fires bigger.

Constantly moving she spines giant whirlwinds and soft breezes. In ages past their were four for each side of the earth and the effects of their stones are still felt upon the earth, constantly pushing against each other. As a storm gathers green on the horizon and the Wind is silent in the air.

Gather your family and go underground that the tempest might pass over you. For the evil Titans use the wind to their advantage to the sorrow of her who ever moves it.

The servants of this Titan have said. “Go and enjoy the breeze in your hair and see what the Winds of change will bring you, or maybe even where it might sweep you to, perhaps the edge of the earth or to another world.”

   "I am the Lightning Titan. I am the Water current that is Motivation."

The Lightning Titan is not the water, yet he moves people like the waves of the sea. He fills them with inspiration to movement, that they are not stagnant like a rotting pond. He flows through water like a stinging tongue, exiting its living energies. He is the glory of the planets for angels truly have countenances as lightning, who bring inspiration to men.

If a man is walking in the dark forest and a flash of lightning strikes, he is lighted for a moment and can move on a few steps. Likewise, in ancient times the masters of the mind would call "come, come out and see the storm!" Then the village would come to watch for the light of the lightning breathed from the dragons of the sky. And the man of the wood would joy in the life of the forest and sorrow only a little in the sacrifice for it.

As man has walking on the edge of the meadow he has seen the light strike the lone tree making the light of fire. First came the discovery of water, than lightning down from heaven bestowing fire on man. Thus the round was complete making fire's reflection. This is why a scarred tree is his symbol. A tree is scarred but a forest is saved!

The servants of this Titan have said, "If a storm is coming nigh, travel along it and receive its inspiration. Thus we see the mind Titan is preparation, the Lightning inspiration, the fire is revelation, and the water swims through and basks in them all."

   "I am the Fire Titan. I am the Earth's core."

The Fire Titan is the earths core because the Fire Titan is the messenger of the Hidden Fire that is in her heart. The Hidden Fire is pure intelligence and light giving all knowledge. Each Man is a vessel or carrier of it. He is given the flame at his birth, then he carries it as a lantern through his mortality. Once he dies it is given back to the earth, than the earth gives it to another.

The flame gives intelligence, so a man may gain the memories and knowledge of another through it, if it is unlocked. The Fire Titan is the holder of the Key, the Key to the Earth's heart. In ages gone, the Fire Titan has manifest the fire's past lives to its bearers by way of the green candle. The Earth's heart burns with a burning heat that is the essence of the Fire Titan, yet the source of all of it, is the Sun.

The Sun is the father of the Fire, and the Earth its Mother, thus they are husband and wife bound in eternal love. So we see there is a spark that shines within you giving you intelligence and teaching you right from wrong. The Fire must pass from life to life, into the earth and out of the earth again and again until it has experienced all things, than it shines forth as a conduit of light from the heavenly spheres. The carrier of the hidden Fire and a Holder of the Secret Fire is different.

I have already talked about the carriers of it, that is all mankind, but I will now tell you about the Holders of it. The Holder's heart is made into a conduit as the center of the earth, shining forth into a day spring of everlasting light and knowledge. The righteous immortals and Wizards in Ages past have been Holders of it. So we see the Fire Titan is the Titan of this fire and the Key bearer to unlock it secrets. He is the high priest of the Fire Temple. The Fire Temples where Pillar circles manifest the secrets of the stars and in the center stands the fire alter that is a symbol of the heavenly light.

The servants of this Titan have said. "Sit by the camp fire at night, look at the glowing on the trees around, and look at the passing stars. Feed the fire all night and while looking into it meditate upon your collective ancestral memories, and your true nature will unfold before your eyes like a book ready to be read. In meeting the Magi stand around the fire, themselves being the pillars, looking into the fire that is the symbol of Gods Celestial light, that is the center of all things.

   “I am the Spirit Titan. One tree is not a Forest.”

The Forest is a place were all kinds of life live in harmony and walkers walk together. The Spirit teaches us we were not meant to walk the road of life alone. Like the bee we are made to work together. Life is hard but worth it. We work all the days of our lives in the field of the Earth and when the day is done we come together.

Sad is the man who works alone and who has no friend or family to talk to at the end of the day. The perfect city of light is a place where people are one, constantly communicating and rejoicing with one another in intelligence. The energy of man is housed in the belly and as men clasp hands in fellow ship they transmit energy to each other in the covenant of fellowship.

The Spirit stone is in the center of the Titan circle and communicates with all. He is no one color, he is as many colors as the stars above. Titans make stones to prolonging life. But the Spirit Titan’s stone is made to keep him from being born until his mission is done. When God subdues all evil powers, then the alter in the center of the circle will be broken and the Spirit Titan shall come forth.

We shall know him for he shall be sitting under the lone tree of the earth on a grassy hill playing a flute, that that tree might not be alone. And behold the whole earth shall then be a forest. The servants of this Titan have said, “prepare now for the person you want to be. Remember perfect honesty and love is a requirement to remain in that day.”

   “I am the Life Titan. The Winds of change, not even I can change.”

Life always adapts to the changes of the earth and sky carried by the winds. Life’s memories carry with it a record of disaster and gloom. Floods that cover the earth, fires that burn the forest and earth quakes that rend mountains.

And yet life is always renewed in a constant springing of color and perseverance. Age after age it finds joy in opposition and blooms again more powerful than before. Life runs in the heart and all creation rejoices. Creation is amazing! Life is good and should be savored with celebration! This Titan in all Ages past has had a halo of blue light in her hair.

She is beautiful above all and her hand is gentle upon delicate things. She flies down from the midst of heaven riding a white swan of glory to lead the seekers of truth. The over mind has always envied her powers most and cursed himself when he could not obtain them. For she has a gentle and precious understanding only the true and humble may know. She is the master of the life moon that goes around Uranus. Every time a life Titan is made the star of the magi lights up and the moon gains life again, of purple, yellow and white flowers.

The servants of this Titan have said. “don’t rush yourself, just do the best within you. And like the slow tortes you will come to the end at last and find a new beginning.”

   “I am the Mind Titan. I prepare for the Lightning of inspiration.”

The Mind Titan is the teacher of understanding, showing men to where they might look for truth. He is a translator of languages bringing men into understanding one with another. He holds the key to detecting the wind and knowing truth from afar.

Long ago he made many Meta machines knowing all the workings of the human brain. He is the guider of the Titan ship, and without him it could not go as fast as the light of the sun. He was awoken as the pain of a pin prick as Han the Magi a point of light. He is best at hearing as Han is at seeing. He is a master of physical sciences and can teach people practical things. He is a portal of understanding for people to look upon the doings of nature.

He prepares people for sudden inspiration. The evil Mind Titan is the Overmind, who makes people ignorant for personal gain where the good Mind Titan enlightens people who love him as their Teacher and Magi.

The servants of this Titan have said. “Practice and work even if it is hard at first. For people love to do what they are good at, and once you have mastered a principle, power and joy shall flow unto you.

   "I am the Water Titan. Only by being what Fire is not can I gain its identity." 

The water is not fire, yet it reflects its light as an eye sparkling and shimmering in the night. Water is the wisdom at the bottom of the well brought up unto light. Wisdom can only be received by light, and the sacrifice of an eye is the life of truth.

Only by the roots of the forest can this Water be gained, guarded by giants for ages remained. This water flows into the sea, and is freely given as wisdom to the giant fishes always hiding from the faces of man. In life he was poisoned, pierced and hung to a tree, yet birds fed him. So often time he will return to earth looking like an old man in a hat.

Yet the Titan of Titans still looks down in order. Water is the final grave of the dead. The evil Titan of death is the opposite of this Titan. Water is the grave yet the Water Titan's power is to bear him up with fire and the Spirit. This Titan is the master of those who live according to God in the spirit.

His armies shall break forth in the last days as a forest of spears and a consuming wave upon the evil shores of the wicked! A spear this Titan bears that never misses, for his path is sure. He wisps on the unsettled waves for a sea king he is forever! He may move the waters and no one knoweth for the ocean is a mystery to them. Wings on his helm he wears for wind is his friend. He hath the tools to navigate the stars and sail among holy places.

His tower hath an ever burning torch upon it that it may guide men unto him. It pointed to the west that men may sail east again. But if men sail to the immortal west they must follow the most cherished western star, out of his bay and follow it continually until it lead them out of this world, on the road of the Gods. There await shining white shores that darkness never sees and a city with many towers. In the sky shines the greatest of all burning planets, with a ring ever shining in the reflection of sea over which the water bears up stormy ships as countless as clouds.

This Titan's servants have said, "if a wise man looketh at the reflection of the flame, in the water of the well, he might see a truth, what mighty secret to tell!"

   “I am the Earth Titan. A kind act is etched on the Spirits of all involved.” 

The stones and clay of the Earth is the medium upon which things are recorded. If you draw a symbol in the sand the symbol will remain in its memory even after it blows away. The blood that beats in your heart is made of Iron and like the sand will remember the writings on the tables of your heart and therefore ultimately will be carried with you throughout Eternity.

The Evil Clay Titan is opposite of this Titan, for he is the Titan of broken promises. As man digs clay out of the river beds each good particle has promise of becoming a masterpiece of Literature, the holder of a family crest or pottery. As a pot is rejected and thrown back to the ground it cannot fulfill it’s purpose being broken, unless a caring potter picks it up, crushes it into small pieces and puts it back into his unorganized matter, to be made a new creation.

In ancient days people made baskets out of reeds by the river. One day there was a boy who had an old dieing mother who needed water to cool her fever. So this wise lad took a basket and administer mud to it, so it could hold water. His mother lived and one day was walking to the river to get more water. Suddenly she stumbled just a little and dropped it into the blazing fire.

Disappointed she told her son she had ruined his invention. “That is okay, I will make another one,” he said. He went down to the river and when he came back everyone was starring at something strange. It was his old basket that was now a hard bowl. So we see the Earth is made solid by fire for the purpose of holding water. As the fire swells within her it spews upon the earth making great mountains and the rivers cut great valleys. Truly the earth is our home!

The servants of this Titan have said. “Remember it is never worth it to offend your brother. After you have lost people in your life by this means you are never quit whole again. Perform kind acts unceasingly! When someone comforts you, helps you, or gives you something, even if it is small think of the gratitude that swells up in your heart. That is the greatest kind of power, and when someone does something for you just think how much Gods hands have done and do them for another.

   Planets of correlating powers

The Forest is Mars

The Wind is Uranus

Lightning is Jupitar

Fire is the Sun

Spirit is Mercury

The Life is Venus

The Mind is Saturn

The Water is Neptune

Earth is the Earth


The Stones

“The Forest stone is round brown and rough like a grinding stone, on its upper side is a faint gray mark.  The Wind stone is green like jade and has the symbol of a swift ship in its markings.  The Lightning stone is light brown, flat and oval with the shape of a tree in it. 

The Fire stone is round and white, smaller then the rest yet bright.  The Spirit stone is the Altar of every ring.  The Life stone is misshapen, and brown like an ordinary rock.  The Mind stone is a round onyx with two wisps etched into its invisible surface.  The Water stone is flat and gray like a rock of a river bed, but has a square of white strand on the bottom. 

The Earth stone is round save a point on one side, and a single stare on its peak.”


Story of the Stones

     Forest - As you may read in the Veritan history, I was walking back from the Provo River.  I had just thrown the evil Titan Stone of Hail into the river.  It almost killed me, I had found it when the code on my ring had expired.  I than had disposed of it into the dark water.  On the way back at the bottom of Andrew's road by the hill, The Forest Stone rolled toward me of its own accord.  I picked it up and I felt the energy run through me.  Ever after that I felt one with the forest and it gave me strength when trees were near.

     Mind - WiL and I were walking down the sidewalk a few days after the greatest adventure and a day after I received the keys of the Magi.  The Wind came and talked to us.  She gave WiL a "Key."  This Key was the last particle of the Mind stone left on earth.  She had blown it to and fro in the earth until the day she gave it to William.  It is now in his body.

     Lightning - Anni and I where up in Edgemont and I decided to show her some of the old Veritan sites.  We approached the medical center on canyon rd..  The court yard was peaceful and the triangle we used to meditate around was springing with life.  It had a tree and many new plants.  As Anni knelt down at the site she saw an interesting stone.  There were no other stones and something about it attracted her.  She picked it up and looked at it.  She said it felt funny and asked me if it might be special.  I moved to touch it, as my finger came in contact with its surface I felt a crazy and somewhat painful sensation.  I pulled away.  On the stone where I had touched it, was a big water droplet apparently left by my finger.  I told Anni to bring it and that it was special.  We left and went to the stake center park.  As we walked the park we came to the spot where there was an octagonal fire pit.  Anni asked if she should leave the stone in a cuby hole in the stone work.  Chills when up my spine as I heard a car pull up, than peal away.  I said "No, bring it!  And come with me."  Ann stopped, her hand almost to the hole.  She snapped out of some sort of trance and followed.  Just than I saw a man in black running along the park fence.  We ran to the car, and I looked back across the field.  The man had come out of the fire pit area and looked menacingly at us.  We jumped in the car and pealed away ourselves.  When we got home the stone met the description perfectly!

     Wind - Taby was at her parents house when a tornado watch was announced.  She walked outside and saw the tornadoes very close.  She walked about a mile across the fields and into the woods.  It was crazy but she felt safe and at home somehow.  In those woods she found a pedestal and on that pedestal was a stone.  She picked it up and walked out of the woods.  she saw that the four tornadoes circled around her and the stone.

     Water - I was riding my bike home from work in Idaho Falls, when my eye caught a strange blue rock.  I decided to just keep riding and so I did.  The next day I saw the same rock again but rode on.  The third day a nagging feeling said to me "pick this rock up."  So I did.  As I held it in my hand a thrilling feeling filled my whole body and I knew it was a Titan Stone.  I put it in my pocket and rode home.  I placed it in a bucket of water with my growing star fish toy.  Than something strange happened!  A white square began to shine in its blue surface, and I knew which stone this was.

     Earth - My wife, my in-laws, and I were going to see a volcanic caldera.  We hiked up and looked at the huge crater inside.  It was awesome!  There was an interesting side canyon crater thing on the side of it.  We just walked passed and kept hiking.  Clyde and I got way ahead the girls, and after we got around the caldera, we sat on a rock and started to wait.  I told Clyde I wanted a picture of that funny side canyon thing and that I would be right back.  He said "OK" and I began to hike back up toward it.  As I got near it I took some good pictures.  The camera than rewound and I began to look around a little more.  I wish I had saved the film for what happened next!  I saw a strange little ledge protruding out of the side of the cliff.  I had already got closer than most people would have, and I wouldn't have been able to see this ledge from any other angle.  I hung the camera around my neck and began to climb out onto it.   I don't know why I did, it was very dangerous, as I shimmied along I thought good thing Carolyn isn't here.  Bless her, she would tell me I wasn't allowed to do any such thing, my mom would be the same way.  But it seemed it was meant to be, it was like there was some great secret there, I think I am the only one to have found it.  As I came to the other side I found a huge nook with a semi circular ledge.  There was a step up in the middle of the ledge so I climbed up onto it.  I kid you not, in the center of this ledge was a stone pillar about three feet high, with a stone on it.  The stone looked ordinary and brown but I spotted a carving on the side of the pillar.  To my amazement it looked just like the Earth Titan symbol drawn by WiL.  I covered my hand in my shirt, and put the stone in my pocket.

     Life - This one is highly personal.  Let me just say it was a fulfillment of part of my dream, of Voyage of the Titans.  This was the stone that had to be found before we could pull the beaver stake.  Carolyn and I were out in strawberry flat and we both together knelt down and placed our hands on a stone there before us, and in a moment of true love between us, the sun rose out of a dark cloud and the wind blew aspen leafs all around us.  By the way, I have never before this seen blowing aspen leafs in the summer, so powerful was the wind.  I had dreamed of that moment years before and it was one of the most magical things that ever happened to me.

     Fire - I was walking out to an alley behind our back yard in the snow to take out the trash.  I looked down and saw a strange thing.  The snow was melted around this pale white stone.  I put my hand over it and felt no heat.  I than attempted to touch it.  It was not hot, so I picked it up.  When I went inside I looked up the description of the fire stone and it matched!  

     Spirit - This stone is not made yet.  There may be peaces of it on the earth but it matters not if it is the same stone because, it is the alter in the center of the Titan circle.  And can be made many times.