The Teachings of the Magi and of the Veritas

Written and Compiled By Hans Woodman and K.F. Nickel

Dedicated to William C. Stuart, a friend on many adventures
Copyright 2007 by Hans Woodman and K. F. Nickel All rights reserved. No part of this book may be used or reproduced in any manner whatsoever without written permission, except in the case of brief quotations embodied in critical articles or reviews. Published 2007.
Chapter Headings

Chapter 4 - The Green Candle

Chapter 5 - It Begins

Chapter 6 - The Meta

Chapter 7 - The Machine

Chapter 8 - The Titans

Chapter 9 - The Greatest Adventure

 Stephen's Journal Account

Chapter 4

The Green Candle


            In January of 1999 Hans was sitting alone in a dark basement apartment in Price Utah. He is sitting before a lit candle and meditating. Soon Hans feels his mind reach out into the unknown and make contact with something. Hans realizes he had directly touched the world of the mind. He calls the world of the mind the and resolves to continue to meditate.

            One night I came into the bedroom and lit the candle in the corner.  It was a tall thick Yellow candle on a wooden holder.  I sat down and lit a match.  I held the match to it and watched the wick ignite.  It was a beautiful candle and I loved looking into the flame of candles.  I began taking loose peaces of wax and melting them over the flame just for fun. 

            Suddenly something strange began to happen, the light turned a deep forest green.  I looked at it in amazement and staring into the candle flame I saw something beautiful.  It was like an entire universe in the flame.  Before I knew it all I saw was the flame as if I was getting smaller.  Than I was carried away in the most amazing vision!

            I say in all soberness that in that moment I experienced the experiences and learned the wisdom of a thousand earth ages.  Everything became one before me and the Gods showed me what was beyond my wildest dreams.

            Every Man that is to attain perfection must experience every experience on the earth and in the world beneath and in heaven above or he cannot obtain it!  After this vision of visions I was never the same, I began to realize how the world really works and it was even stranger than I had before supposed.  In this great spectrum of experiences I traveled across the furthest deserts, I climbed the tallest mountains.  I fought beasts in heaven and I quenched the fires of mantle lizards beneath.  I laid in forests on stone beds for a thousand years just so I would understand the language of leaves.  I had many lives and many adventures.  Was this the panoramic story of my own intelligence or the shared stories of others?  I may never know.  I sailed through space and to stranger places beyond the veils of Ice and time.  I saw an endless space of metallic noodles and visited cities of immortals on the surface of burning suns.

            Surely if I could tell my whole story the largest libraries couldn't contain all the volumes of books it would produce, nor is my mortal frame strong enough to write for the ages it would take to express it.  Can it be condensed into one chapter properly?  I think not, but the more relevant thing is that you may continue past this part and learn of Veritanism's beginnings, which might prove more important in your case.

            This vision changed my entire outlook on life.  I was never quite the same.  I went to go tell Ben about it but realized I didn't know exactly where so start or where to end, so I decided to tell no one until I had a more elegant way of expressing myself.  I can tell you this, and that is that most of my art since that time has been scenes from it.  After I met WiL which you shall read about shortly He affectionately called what ever I told him about it, the "Hans Story."


Chapter 5

It Begins

            A few weeks later on February 1st he is sitting in the cab of a rental truck next to his father driving high in the Mountains over Soldier Summit heading to their new home in Provo, Utah. Hans wonders what might be in store for him there. On Monday he knows he will be starting classes at his new school.

            Wed Feb 10th was Hans's first day of school. During lunch to his surprise a group of friendly (albeit strange) looking friends to invite him to eat lunch at their table. They tell him that the name of their club is the merry mice and that they have a tradition to make new kids their King for a day. They have a merry lunch and after they head back to class Hans wonders when he will see them again. After school he sees his new friends near the front doors and they come and treat him like a king again. They are busy paying their exaggerated respects when his Mom walks in through the double doors to pick him up. His mom gives him a funny look and he is slightly embarrassed. After a short talk with his Mom they both agree that they live pretty close to the school and that Sam will just walk home from school in a little while.

            Hans and two of his new friends Steven Gassler, and Will Whitlark, leave the school in high spirits and Steve takes them to his "doorway to the center of the earth" which is a large round hole that he is digging with his brother that is already about 7 feet deep and ten feet across. Will tells Hans to visit his house some day after school.

            Within a Week Hans is over at Will's house after school and they listen to music that he composed with Buzz. Will shows him around his house and they talk about music. Over the next few weeks they have many after school visits and Will gives Hans a copy of Buzz so he can start composing.  Soon Hans is showing Will some of the music he has composed.

            One Saturday in mid February Hans goes over to Will's house and they have an interesting conversation. They talk about strange occurrences that they have heard of and whether they believe in such things as UFO's, supernatural powers etc. They find that they believe much in common. The conversation leads to supernatural experiences that they have had and they find that they have both had such experiences. Will relates something that happened to him in a swamp where he was approached by a witch that gave him the "power of the goop".  This is a power that would remain with Will and reside in his guts until it could be used somehow.  Hans then relates some of the dreams he has had about a man named Enthnar. In some dreams he is Enthnar and in some dreams he watches Enthnar do things. Evidently this person is important to the destiny of Hans and the rest of the world. Hans had a dream that when Enthnar was young he went into a great forest and met a strongly magical woman who lived in a house made inside of a tree trunk. She gives Enthnar power to understand a secret of the universe that will enable him to fulfill his destiny.

            After this Hans finds through other dreams that Enthnar has gone to another world. This other world is seen in Hans's minds eye and he relates to Will how he has been given the responsibility to document the world and shape its existence from the secrets he saw while he was dreaming. Will takes great interest in this and decides to show Hans a story he wrote from a dream that he had when he was younger.

            In the dream a man is taken into a room that has no concrete form. The walls seem to change and ripple like water as you look at them. At the center of the room is a table with all sorts of very delicate and important looking instruments made out of all types of materials. Behind the table stand three imposing figures. They are here to help the man do something and to test him. They ask him a series of questions. While Will reads this part of the book he asks Hans the questions directly to see how he will answer. The questions are about the creation of a world and what is to be ordained to be its characteristics. From Hans's answers Will knows that the man in the story is Hans.

            From a very young age Will knew that he would meet this man and do important things with him. Will then knows that Hans is the man he had been looking for during much of his life. From this time onward Will is very interested in Hans and what he thinks about all sorts of different things. Throughout the end of the month of February Will reads a lot of books including "Alan Mendelson, Boy from Mars" and "Shaboomie". These books deal with states of being and how these states allow us to understand things that others may not. For a few days Will and Hans spend much of their time together talking about things Will has experienced or read about and philosophizing about what all these things really mean. They talked and agreed that there were many worlds and dimensions that are linked to our own and must be ruled through states of mind.

            One day they are talking about dreams that they have had and they make an earth shattering discovery. They have both had dreams where a strong magical being is trying to contact them and tell them things. She is a beautiful young girl who has power over the elements. She often comes to Will and Hans in their dreams standing in the air or flying on a great swan. She has blue hair and perfectly white smooth skin. Hans and Will had already had nearly identical dreams where they meet this being in her garden that is home to floating creatures not unlike jellyfish. There in the garden she had already told Hans and Will some things that they must do. At this time Will and Hans realize that this woman is real and trying to truly contact them (rather than a symbol that they have made up).

            They accept her as their leader and Will and Hans call themselves the "disciples of the Swan Maiden". Will becomes very excited about this realization and becomes convinced that the swan maiden is contacting them from another dimension that can only be accessed and understood by minds in a trance state. Will and Hans talk about dreams Will has had in the past where he is transported to another world where everyone knows him and respects him greatly. There are all sorts of places and animals there.

            He once had a dream where he goes to a place that is a great desert of black sand with large roaming beasts like buffalo. He posses the theory that he and Hans had lived in another dimension in times past and must have forgotten their work there upon entering this dimension. The swan maiden must be a being from that world that is contacting them so that they can do a great work in this world that will have great significance. The next time that they meet together they know that they must begin their work in earnest. They both agree that in order to stay in contact with the Swan Maiden and learn further truth that they must attain to a higher state of mind.

            They begin meditation together and create new terms that will allow them to communicate about their discoveries. In order to measure states of mind they create a new measuring system based upon the premise that humans in intellectual pursuits are only using around 6% of their brains; this beginning, albeit natively intelligent state, is termed level 6. Their new goal is to go beyond this level that they have been operating at and reach higher states of mind. Based on this simple scale they theorize that when they reach level 26 (more than 4 times their current level) that they would experience a breakthrough. After several days of working towards higher states of mind Will and Hans took some time to talk about how they have done so far and what they are experiencing. When they reached higher states of mind they found that they had much more power over their faculties. Will also noticed that there seemed to be a natural force or "gravity" that led him to lower states of mind and created a resistance that had to be overcome to reach more lucid states.

            The struggle for higher states of mind was then characterized by the same terms used in climbing a mountain. They talk about what might happen to their mental state when a breakthrough occurs. Using their lexicon the two agreed that a breakthrough would include a loss of resistance or "gravity". This means that the individual might go into "psychic freefall". This theory led Hans and Will to wonder if the individual would fall into another dimension or lose contact with what people usually refer to as reality. They found they were not absolutely sure whether the breakthrough would lead to a higher state of mind or if the breakthrough would be the downfall of the individual.

March 3rd

            (Wednesday) was Steven Gashler's birthday. Because of this Hans went over to Will's house before the party and spent some time meditating with him before they walked over to Steve's party. As they crossed the high school campus they realized something peculiar was happening. They began moving into higher states of mind in a psychic freefall until they reached level 26. At the same moment and looked at each other and realized the other was also at the same level. At that moment they felt at one with the earth and realized that they had complete power over the base elements of earth, water, air, and fire. At this state they could command the elements and make any physical change to their surroundings that they wanted. At that moment they also realized to their greater shock that they had no desire or will to change their surroundings. Being at one with the earth meant that they were at peace with the way it was then. When they reached Steven's party at his house they told him that the powers of the earth had been given to them.

            They explained how they obtained the power and Steve became very excited. He had been looking for such a path for his entire life and now made the commitment to follow it. As Will and Hans played the night games of Steve's party up among the hills above Steve's house they found that even though they had no will to change the world they would sometimes use their powers inadvertently. When they wished for something it would simply automatically occur. In this way they walked unseen among their friends who were seeking them in their night games while Steve lay alone in his hiding place on the hill and wondered what great things were in store as he gazed upward at the springtime stars.

            The next day Will and Hans got together to talk about what had happened. Before they had reached state 26 they had theorized that this state would give them power to do a special mission the Swan Maiden has sent them to do. They now realized that this state could not be used in such a way, because its power rests in bringing a person to be at one with the world, which by nature resists change. In this way a principle of resistance is internalized even as external resistance is taken away.

            Because of this disappointment Will began to wonder if they could attain to real power while they remained in this mundane sphere where they are often powerless. Hans replied that maybe they only needed to reach yet a higher state where they would enjoy an awareness many times higher than state 26. This might lead them to a mindset that would transcend the awareness of the world that resists change. Will wondered if this level of awareness might lead to a different sort of freefall than the type they had already experienced and whether the freefall might send them into another dimension. Will and Hans both agreed that it was quite probable that a complete change of mindset would send them into another dimension that is governed by this new principle.  They both then decided that they would reach this state of mind that they estimated would be close to state 76 on their scale.



Chapter 6

The Meta

            Later that week on Saturday Will and Hans were together and deep in meditation when they found that they had accessed another dimension while they were yet awake. They had attained unto a level of awareness that they termed level 36- that is 6 times the normal amount of awareness.

            Will went into a trance and found himself in a dark and confined space. The walls of the cranny he was in felt and smelled like wood. With a start he realized he was in a coffin! All of a sudden he heard sounds from outside, the coffin trembled, and with a creak the lid of the coffin was being pried open. The light that flashed before his eyes in the opening crack of the coffin was blinding so that he could not see who was freeing him. By the time the coffin was open enough for him to get out and he came to himself enough to crawl out the people who had freed him had gone.

            Will found the coffin half in and half out of the ground near the edge of a dreary and dead looking town. The town looked as if it had once been a happy place before its denizens had left it waste. He was about to go into the town to see what he could find when he stopped in his tracks.

            He had heard something near him, as if it was a whisper, in the earth, below. He crouched down and was at a loss of what to do when he saw something slithering out of the damp earth, flaccidly slow, like a tangle of anemic pale earth worms. With a start, he realized what it was, a human hand! He clutched it with a shudder and began digging frantically with his other hand in order to free the poor man. When he had freed the man's head, shoulders, and upper torso, Will stopped digging because the man appeared dead. He was an older man, with a beard, and faint lines on his face. Before Will looked away from the man he was startled as the man suddenly sat up.

            The old man quickly pulled his legs from the earth and started toward the town with Will's hand still clutched in his. As they headed toward the town the man looked frantically around as if someone was going to attack them and muttered to Will that they must hurry. Before long they came to a nice looking home with a forest green door and windows with intact glass in the panes. The man hurried directly into the home and quickly shut the door behind them.

            The dim interior was richly furnished with bookshelves against the walls with many old tomes. Once the man realized that he had made his escape from outside he collapsed into a large leather armchair with a cloud of dust and a sigh of relief. The man looked up at Will and recognized him at once. He saw Will's bewildered expression and realized with a faint smile what was going on. He introduced himself as Trevanian the Magi and urged Will to sit down. When Will sat down and fully got a chance to look at the old man he realized that he recognized him from dreams in his childhood.

            The old man thanked Will for saving him as he got up and served tea for both of them. He seemed to be in high spirits as they began to sip their tea in silence, but then his face soon became grim as he explained to Will, "these lands in the Meta are now controlled by the wicked overmind. His power is strong here so I warn you of his power." He further explained, "The people of this town were all buried by the overmind, you must prepare because the overmind will soon come to your land in the physical world!" At this shocking news Will came out of his trance and found himself back at his house sitting with Hans.

            While Will was experiencing this strange vision Hans had also gone to the Meta, but to a place that was soothing and quiet. He found himself in the garden of the Swan Maiden with happy creatures, not unlike jellyfish, floating overhead. He looked around and soon saw the Swan Maiden standing nearby. Hans was so pleased to be in the garden with the maiden that he went to her, and before he thought of his words, blurted out, "I know you! I saw you riding on a Swan!" She smiled and simply said, "I know you too, you are Hans Woodman." She began to explain some answers to what Hans was wondering in his heart, (spoke her name; that Hans soon forgot, though we know it starts with a "C") and said, "I am one of the Titans of the ancient days. I have been waiting for you a long time, and there are many things that you must do; but beware! My Titan stone is still on the earth and so I will be able to help you, but darkness will soon cover your land. Soon the gifts and power you had before will not come so easily, and the overmind of the old days will return." After speaking these words in such quick succession she seemed to blush at speaking so darkly of things to come and smiled at Hans as if he was some great hero as she said, "I send the love of the people of the Meta."  At this Hans awake from his trance and found himself back in Will's house.

            The Next School Day (March 8th) Will and Hans were still in wonderment at what had happened to them. They were walking together when they met Steve and a bunch of their other friends. Steve was still thinking about what Hans and Will had told him on his birthday. He had been talking to some of their mutual friends about starting an organization that would be the receptacle of principles of power. He excitedly said, "I know what we can call our organization!" And showed them a piece of paper that had the word Canada printed in large font on it. Will and Hans thought that would be a great nickname for the group- it seemed to denote something familiar, and yet different, much like what a parallel dimension would be like. They also thought that this would be a great nickname for the Swan Maiden, since Hans had quickly forgotten her name (that he nevertheless remembered starts with a "C"), and it sounds feminine. Because of this Hans and Will told their friends that the name of the Swan Maiden was Canada and the idea seemed like a breakthrough to everyone involved. Will wanted to bring these new Canadians deeper into the mysteries of their new organization though. He took the warnings that they received from the Meta quite seriously and knew that the new recruits would need something substantial to hold onto to keep them from the power of the overmind when they would be tempted to believe that what he and Hans told them is a sham. Because of this he whispered the true and secret name of their organization in each of their ears. This acted as a de facto initiation for each and later became a source of levity for the group. This is because there was a few of their acquaintances nearby that saw Will whispering in each of their ears and ran up to the circle of friends to hear the secret. The result of this was that when Will was done telling everyone the secret name that he kept whispering in each of their ears, but this time told them all kinds of nonsense. This made them all laugh and thereby diffuse the situation while they all became closer to one another as a result of the additional "secrets".

            A Few Days Later in the beginning of May Hans was over at Will's house and they were sitting at the kitchen table they were talking and just letting their eyes wander over the room when they saw something small inside the doorway leading to the living room. They were so intrigued that they slowly stood up to take a closer look. It was a small figure in the form of a man walking inside the doorway up the vertical post! It was only several inches tall and was an ethereal yellow. It did not seem to have any intelligence, but would just keep walking along dumbly without awareness. Will and Hans began to cross the kitchen floor to get close enough to really study it, but it simply disappeared without a trace. They were to find out later that this being was not alive, at least like us, but a form that energy takes. This knowledge highlights the principle that all things have an intelligence and spirit native to it.

            Ever since Hans had first contacted the Meta through meditation with Will they had been very enthusiastic about continuing their quest to reach higher states of mind. Their prior experiences had fueled their desire to try and reach level 76. They now truly believed that at that level that they would bodily go to another dimension and have an adventure there that was going to be vital to their future fight against the being that was called the Overmind. They had been meditating together every day much more vigorously to reach their goal, often doing so for hours at a time. One day they were doing so at Will's house again; when suddenly began to experience psychic freefall. Once they started to reach states well above 26 they started to see and hear strange things. The forces in the room appeared embodied and they heard voices like echoes from other dimensions. They continued to reach higher and higher states of mind and they became very afraid as it became very dark and quiet. They could feel that they were in danger when all of a sudden they heard a disembodied voice speaking desperately like someone that had not spoken for a long time. The voice said, "Why are you trying to reach level 76?" Hans was petrified and said nothing, but Will answered the voice, "Because we want to reach another world". After a short pause that seemed like eternity the voice spoke again, but with a grave concern that chilled them to the bone, "I tried that once and it did not work! Dimensions are like rocks floating alone in space. If you reach state 76, then you will fall into the land that lies between, as I have done." The voice had begun to be less loud as if it was speaking from further and further away, but was still audible as it spoke on, "particles in the universe move in an organized fashion and if your particles move off their course then it is very unlikely that they will fall into another order without guidance." Will and Hans had begun to hear the sadness in the man's voice and they began to fully realize what had happened to this individual, but the voice spoke on from an ever growing distance, "I studied my whole life to reach state 76, and when I did, I was sucked into the blackness- just now I heard you breathing and I knew that I was now closer to a dimension than I had been for ages! I will soon pass from here and be alone again- I hope that you take my advice."

            After these last words Will and Hans could no longer hear the voice, but could still feel his concern surrounding them like a ghostly presence. They were shocked beyond words at what they had heard and full of terror. From this moment on they only meditated in a balance with their everyday life and only so they could reach states where they could reach their friends in the Meta </aocicinori/index.php?title=Meta> during light trances.

            Right before summer in June our teacher Miss Skoonmaker told us in her ancient world history class about the allegory of the cave by Plato. After school I and Steve went over to Will's house and Andrew tagged along. It was almost summer and a warm day so we all discussed the allegory on Will's front steps. We all decided that we should go find Plato's book "the republic". The next day we went to the school library to find it. We were talking about some Canadian things when the librarian must have heard us and decided that we were up to no good. So she told us to leave the library or she would call the principle's office. We promptly left the library thinking that very odd indeed. The most confused person, however, was Andrew that was tagging along. After school that day we all went to Will's house again but this time we went down stairs to his basement. We turned the TV on to a channel filled with static. Will didn't change the channel even though Andrew asked why we were watching static. We all just sat there watching it until me and Will started seeing something. Then Steve saw it and then finally Andrew as well. We all saw a dark leather book with a window on it. Through the window we could see bright blue skies and green fields. Wind blew over the grass and it was amazing. Then a red snake came into the TV screen flying around the book. Finally he turned and flew into the center of the window, right into the cover of the book until the tip of his tail disappeared through the window. Then the window disappeared and in its place was a seal that almost looked like a coat of arms. We watched for awhile longer and saw the book suddenly open, but then the vision faded and none of us saw what was written in the book. After that Will and I showed Steve and Andrew how to meditate. We did so in a circle with me on the south and Will on the north, Steve in the east and Andrew on the west.

            When we meditated Will saw the place of the black desert and I saw the place of the White tower in the world I wrote down as a kid. I don't know what Steve and Andrew saw. After this Andrew asked me to go on a walk with him up in the valley behind the school. He showed me where there was a couch in the forest and we explored more of the woods. As we walked I asked him if anything out of the ordinary had ever happened to him besides yesterday. He said no, so I went on and told him just some of the strange things that had happened to me. Then I told him that an evil man named the overmind was coming and that he would enslave the minds of men. Andrew took everything very well and when I asked him to join us he said he would. Then on the way back Andrew said, "Look, what's that!" I looked up, and over the hill toward the school stood a machine standing on a great tower like a pole. We both felt a dark feeling emanating from it. We ran from there all the way to Will's house. We started to relax once we were inside and just hung out. I then told Will what I had told Andrew.

            That evening we had an early birthday party for me because I was going to Beaver High Adventure Base to be on staff for the summer. I had been at Beaver a few days when some of the staff and I went to do the three peaks hike by the twenty-five mile route. Chris Cox was with me pretty much the whole way and we talked a lot. Once we got to the Ice house all of a sudden my brother Adam came walking along (his first time at Beaver as well). We visited for a bit and then we went on and Adam went a different way. As we approached puffer low and behold my brother Ben also came walking along. That was all very strange but we said hi and he said they wear just up visiting and we went on while Ben went another way. After Puffer Lake the trail went straight up hill with a grade that gets more and more difficult. When we made it to the little old prospectors cabin under the tree line, we dropped our packs there and headed up Delano (the largest mountain of the three). Delano was hard the first time, but fun; and it was the most beautiful place I had ever seen. As we headed away from the peak of Delano we saw mountain goats on the saddle between Delano and Holly. Holly was fun since I was now getting used to the altitude, I went strait up it climbing up the rocks. I carried a rock up and added it to the altar on the top of Holly. The cliff face on the back of holly fell away into a canyon about 800 feet below and the ground there was not visible beyond the clouds. As we continued on we went to the far side of Holly to the great Ice glacier. We all slid down into the saddle below, it was a blast! We were flying at least 35 miles an hour down the ice and glided to a stop in the bowl below. After this we all headed upward toward Lake Peak. It was at this time I looked back at my new friend Kurt Mckay in time to see his eyes roll back lazily even while he was still walking normally; I was the only one close enough to see this. Then I heard the voice of Canada in my head say, "Run, he is not himself if he catches up to you he will kill you." Just than Kurt reached down and picked up a medium sized rock with a jagged edge. I started running with all the energy left in me. As I began to lose hope I heard Canada again. "It you make it to Lake Peak he will return to normal." I ran and ran. A few people I ran past said "man, you are exited to get to the next peak!" I just smiled and said "Yep." Finally I made it and Kurt just came up smiling without a rock and his eyes had returned to normal. Lake Peak was like a giant pile of rocks and you can see Puffer Lake like a beautiful mere from the top. After we summited the last peak we headed down and slept by the cabin we had passed at the beginning of our hike.

            In the morning we headed back to base camp and helped finish setting up the C.O.P.E. course outpost. At the end of the week we had a staff meeting and realized we had gotten to know each other really well. The Sunday before any of the scouts came we had church out on a cliff at a very special place called Chapel Rock. That night I went to sleep in my tent and had the same dream I had dreamed in the past. I was in a forest where there were many large and beautiful trees. I saw a house built under the great roots of a giant tree. I went in and saw the same lady I had talked to before. This time she told me that Beaver was a very sacred place and that some day I would know why. Then she told me about the Meta. She explained that it is a realm of the mind and said that we all had our own worlds of the mind and that depending on what we allow dwell there depended on whether we were of the world or not. She explained how all things are created mentally before they are ever spiritual and then finally physical. In order to create something one must first think of it. She also said that the worlds and planes of existence go on forever. She told me that my organization was the start of something great; and that I must always seek for the Truth no matter what the overmind might do to stop me. Then I awoke.

            When Hans had taken the last group of scouts back to base camp he went back to his tent and sat on his bunk to shoot the breeze with his tent mates as the sun went down. Once the sun had gone down and it was dark Hans decided to head outside for some fresh air. He stood outside with the light of lanterns behind him looking west into the darkness that hung over the meadow. Right then the lantern light on the ground all around him seemed to change color. It was becoming cold and gray colored. He could not hear his friends talking anymore either. This made him look back towards the tent. To his horror he saw that they were not moving. They looked like statues and their skin was pale and seemed to glow with an eerie blue color. At that moment he felt a presence behind him and he turned around to find an archway with a spectral robed being floating there standing guard with a lantern glowing with the blue light he had seen reflected on the features of his friends. The most frightening thing was not the robed figure, but what he was guarding. Behind him there was real and perfect dark blackness where the world seemed to end. The meadow was gone, perfectly replaced by the darkness of the unknown. At that moment Hans's heart seemed to roar like a great lion. His whole being became animated by the most extreme bravery and he had an impulse to run past the floating robed figure and into the emptiness beyond and would have done so, but the lantern light of the tent behind him became stronger and more yellow and cheering until the specter and his darkness melted away like a dream and he could hear his friends talking again.

            When the last of the scouts had left the mountain I called mom and she said she would come and get me when she got a chance. Soon I was alone with the last two members of staff: Chris and Misty. A group of adults came up to do the cope course for company solidarity and so we ran them through it. Misty and I did the giants ladder and had lots of fun. Afterwards we took down the C.O.P.E. outpost all by ourselves. When all the work was done on Thursday I decided I wanted to do three peaks again all by myself, so I took a radio and headed out. Chris and Misty had decided to go out on the four wheelers that day as I did three peaks. I hiked Delano backwards and it was very hard. I called on the radio to see if Chris and Misty were back, but it had somehow died. A huge billowing cloud rose up before me and it started hailing big balls of ice on my head. I went on to Holly and looked out over the canyon so far below and the strangest thing happened. As I was standing there next to the cliff I heard a foul voice on the wind. I tried hard to listen to what it was saying and the voice became clear; it tempted me to jump. The voice was almost hypnotic yet I could tell it was evil. It scared me so much that I left the side of the cliff. I started to hike down and came to where the glacier used to be early in the season and up again to Lake Peak. On my way back down the ATV trail the sun was setting and I got Tendonitis in my ankles for the first time and it was excruciating. I finally made it back and collapsed on my new bed in the lodge. After a few days had passed my brother Ben and his girl friend Clarissa came and asked why I was still there. I told them that mom had forgotten about me. So they took me back up to Provo. When I walked into the house my mother acted as if she was not the person who was supposed to go get me and remarked how I was back so soon! The Next Day I went to Will's house.

            Will opened the door before I even got to the porch. Soon Andrew and Steve came over and once we were all together we decided to go on an adventure. We headed down to a medical lab facility on a hill overlooking the valley that is on rock canyon dr. As we walked in the courtyard there we found a triangle shaped flowerbed. There were four little yellow flower plants in the circle. We sat down in the triangle and meditated. This time we all sat in a different spot. The circle was turned one place counter clockwise with me in the east and Will on the west. Andrew asked what the meaning of all this was. I explained to them that the triangle represented the three different parts of ourselves which is the Mind, Spirit and Body. Will explained that the circle in the center represented all of us as a whole and our eternal nature. Then Andrew added that the flowers must represent each of us.

            Will and I told Andrew and Steve that the Overmind had now appeared in our dimension and that from now on we had to be a lot more careful and more secretive. When we got up we walked over to an orb shaped window. Will looked up at the window in horror told us to run. I looked up also saw an ominous eye in the window. We ran and in no time two orange jeeps came pealing around the corner. We ran back through the buildings than into the parking lot and across the street. I looked back to see two figures that looked like agents of the overmind emerging from the buildings. We did not stop running till we had reached the school grounds. Near the end of August we all met at Will's house and made shirts for all the Canadians. On the front was a circle and triangle and on the back were three secret words that were all bunched together in code form. The three words was the name of our secret organization. Every night I would run home from Will's house very late bare foot and avoiding cars on my way. One day Andrew said there was this girl he liked that he talked to during seminary and he wanted to convert her to Canadianism. So we went to her house and tried explaining it. Steve came up with this allegory about being animals in the forest and finding a cottage with food and shelter but instead we decided to stay in the rain and in so doing we have found the truth that the cottage just makes fat lazy animals. She rejected Canadianism however and stopped talking to Andrew. That night Andrew jumped into his bed but to his horror there was a picture in the paint on his ceiling he had never seen before. It was a picture of the Overmind's face laughing at him. I went to Will's house and Monte was there again. We listened to his music and hung out. After a few hours Will said, "Hey, let's call up all the Canadians and do something". So we did and Andrew and Steve showed up together. We walked up to Steve's house and gathered behind Steve's house. We hiked over lots of hills until we got in the gully under a large hill that rises above the houses in the neighborhood there. We hiked through the gully until we came to another hill with a gazebo.

            We walked up to the top of the hill to the gazebo. When we got to the top we realized that the gazebo that was the shape of an octagon. Up at the gazebo we watched as the sun set began. As we all sat there we told Monte all about Canadianism. When we told him about the Meta he got really exited and said he had a dream world called Moe's world. Than Will asked me "Is there a Meta of dreams?" I said that I believed there was. Monte told us all about it and some of the places sounded kind of familiar. We asked Monte if he would join us in our search for truth and join our organization. He said "Well aren't I already a Canadian?" Will and I looked at each other as though he didn't understand the commitment. Then Will shrugged his shoulders and we let his happy go luckiness fly. Once we got back to the school grounds we ran past all the sprinklers in the soccer field just across the street from Will's house. Before we crossed the street we decided to meditate there on the sidewalk in front of Timpview.

            Just as we were beginning to meditate a Jeep came toward us peeling down the street. As it came closer we saw it was full of high school students with shaven heads. When they saw us one yelled "Playing Magic?" And they started throwing water balloons. Miraculously none hit us, and Will caught one. Than from a distance we saw more jeeps coming so we all decided to run into Will's house not knowing what was next. Everyone went home including Monte and Will and I were alone in his house. We then agreed that we didn't want to concede defeat with the forces outside. I got the idea that we should take some chalk and draw something magical on the side walk where we were meditating. Will thought that this was a good idea so we got some chalk and went out there and started writing about how evil the overmind was and all kinds of magical symbols in circles. Every few minutes another police officer would show up and we would hide, but we were never caught.



            This is the day I was fellowshipped in the league of veritans. I was sitting at Will's kitchen table one afternoon, I guess I was waiting for Scott to finish writing some code for a program he was writing, when Hans, Will Steve, and Andrew came to me. they told me that they had something important to discuss. I was bored and so I was relieved to have some company come rescue me from the mundane. We took some paths through the foothills of Provo behind Steve's house until we came upon a gazebo on the top of a hill, and when i arrived we all gathered in the gazebo, and talked for a while. then evryone left, but Hans stayed behind and asked me an interesting question.  He asked me, whether I would believe if he told me that he had been to another dimension. And I said, yes, I would, and he looked at me and said "interesting..." he said with a smirk of interest, and then he walked over to the others and talked with them for a while, and then they came back to me and they said, we want you to join us in Canadianism. And I was reluctant, I asked "What is it? is it some kind of religion?" and they said no it's not. and I said "Ok what is it then?" They told me they were on a persuit of higher consiousness, and that the meta was the gateway between human conciousness. and I said I believe that we are all connected by our dreams, and that I have seen a world in my dreams that I call Moe's World. After I learned what it was all about, I was excited for thier cause and being ever so believing, they fellowshipped me and I was now a canadian.

            One afternoon when I was coversing with Hans and Will, I felt a force come over me as if it had entered my body, I do remember having full control over myself, but it was like it was communicating to me. I was talking with Will and Hans at the kitchen table, and in this state of mind I began to describe something and I was so focused on the vision that I began to draw what I was seeing. I drew a great Mountain, that was like a great spike with 2 narrow pointsone ascending slightly higher than the other, and I started to talk of a great prision that was within the Mountain, and the presence told me it's name was Perfervenherbn. Atop the twin peaks was an alter where I believed that a great and evil man would take one of the inhabitants of the prision, and sacrifice him to the devil for the sake of some dark oath that was made over several millenia ago. The voice also told me that all mankind has been in this prision at one point, and that only those who have ascended have been able to escape, and that there were escapees now coming from outside the prision returning into the tunnels under the earth to set free other souls from ignorance and death. I described the scenery in vivid detail, finding that Will and Hans already knew of what I spoke chilled me to the bone, and it was then that I knew it was more than just a game, and at that point I felt the presence leave me, and that's when Hans left from the table.



When school started again Will and I gathered the Canadians together in the lunchroom and had a meeting. We told them that we felt the overmind was upping his offensive and that if they didn't keep up their progression in states of mind and grow towards greater power they would be swept under by his mighty fist. That night we went on several small adventures around town and found that there are many dimensions that overlap our own. Once we found these other dimensions we began traveling to these areas to find places where the power of the overmind was not so great. This worked very well for a time, but a few days later as we ran to a place in another dimension a gatekeeper of the overmind would appear.

            During one such little adventure one night we were heading past the seminary building when all of a sudden we all heard ringing in our ears. It was like the ringing you hear when everything is perfectly silent but it was coming from the direction of the hills behind Steve's house. Will had an idea; he said he would use trigonometry to find out exactly were it was coming from. We all pointed in the direction from which we heard the ringing and Will made a chalk mark on the sidewalk and than we walked up the road a bit and did the same thing. Will made his calculations by measuring the distance between the two points. After he had worked out the formula on a piece of paper he found that the place was less than a mile away. It actually wasn't far at all, only about a half of a mile. So we started walking and jumping fences until we came to the tall hill we had walked past to get to the gazebo right before school had started. We decided to call this hill Genghis Khan's memorial. This was because the hill looked a lot like a huge burial mound out of the stories of the past. This hill seemed like a fitting symbol of our struggle against the overmind. Once we had reached the flat summit of the hill overlooking the valley we heard ringing again, but this time more faint and far away. It was coming from a north western direction. Will did the same calculations by measuring the diameter of the top of the hill. The origin of this other sound was a lot further away this time being over thirty miles so we went back to Will's house.

            A few days later Steve came up with the idea to make a secret news letter we could spread around the school. That Friday afternoon we started typing it up at Steve's house. It talked about what we believed the flaws of the high school system to be and about how the spirit of Timpview high school and the surrounding community was spreading ignorance. We also talked about the comfort zone that Americans had slipped into making them slovenly and unadventurous. In the newsletter we asked the reader questions like, "Why do you think it is the disposition of man to destroy or belittle artistic things?" We also asked, "Why are people afraid of truth; are they afraid of what they will find there?" We put this newsletter up all over the school early Monday morning. By the end of the day it seemed to be a hit and people all over the school were talking about it. There were some jokesters balling it up and kicking it around like a soccer ball on the commons. For the Goths in the school the newsletter had struck a chord and they treated the copies that they snatched up like new scripture.

            Than teachers started asking everyone if they knew who wrote it. We all denied knowing who had written it when we were asked and went on with our day. That afternoon there was an announcement over the PA system speakers that if any one knew about it they were to come to the principles office immediately or they would risk suspension. None of us went and it remained a humorous secret. The next week Steve came up with another brilliant idea. He said we should find the geekiest kid in the entire school and invite him to our table and he could even be the King for the week. So that is what we did and soon our table was overflowing with people until we had to steal other tables and make it bigger.

            That fall Will moved away. During Will's going away party we were all at Steve's house and we decided to make a time capsule to bury. We decided to make a movie to put in it. The movie starts with the group listening to strange sitar music in front of a giant brown lion blanket, Will says "Post the Hans", and Scott than comes in carrying me and sets me up and every one salutes. After the first part Will says loads of random things than we all end up talking to our future selves. Will and his parents move to Texas and rent out their house. This was a blow to the Canadians at first and I especially missed him. One day when I was on my way to school I found I had the most miraculous power I could envision my self a little further down the sidewalk and then I would refocus my eyes and I would be a little further. At first I thought it was only a trick of the mind.

            After a few days I started to wonder if I really had been transporting myself to a new place using my mind. In order to try out my theory I timed myself walking to school one morning without using any of my newfound magic. It took me a little over 15 minutes to arrive. The next day I timed myself while using the power of envisioning myself further as I traveled along the way. I was shocked to find that when I got to school my watch said that only 4 minutes had passed. The day after that I ran as fast as I could to school as fast as the power of my legs could carry me and arrived to school with a side ache. When I looked at my watch I found that 11 minutes had passed. I realized then that it was impossible for me to walk to Timpview in 4 minutes flat.



One afternoon I was walking with Hans between the shcool and his house, and he told me of a strange new power he had discovered. He told me that he had the ability to transport himself with the blink of his eyes. I was uncertain if I had believed him, but as I walked with him something inside me let it be as it was. when I walked with him I didn't really notice anything different, but sure enough we walked the whole distance in about 4 or 5 minutes. So I figured that he must have been carrying me along with him. I also found to my surprise that it was a frequent occurance that if I would turn my back for just a couple seconds Hans would mysteriously vanish, and then when I turned around again, to look for him he was over 50 meters away. I was always curious as to why nobody else seemed to notice it.



            Once Will got to Texas some men come over to his house one day and talk to his father about giving Will a job. Will is nervous because his father looks displeased when they come over. After they offer him a job there in his living room sitting on his couch Will tells them he will think about it. Once the men are leaving the family goes out to the porch to see them off. It is then that one of the men take Will aside far enough so that his parents will not hear that he will be killed if he does not take the job. Will is confused and terrified and stammers, "Why?" The man gives him a serious look and tells him, "We need to be sure that we have your support, otherwise the plan of the man on top will be disrupted." It is then that Will agrees to start work. At first he detests the intrusion, but at work he learns all kinds of fascinating things and when he gets his first paycheck there is enough money to buy whatever he wants. In the business he meets a man about his same age named Doug.

            One day Doug decides he would rather die than continue as an agent hurting people. So he takes all his mother's medications to kill himself. Somehow he survives against all odds and is put in a mental hospital when he tells the doctors about his servitude to the Overmind. The doctors are sure that he has gone insane and decide to prescribe a potent mix of drugs that will start the following week. That Saturday he sees a girl in the recreation room that frightens him. She stares unrelentingly at him and is pale with jet black hair. She interests him though as he thought her quite beautiful. After a few moments of indecision he stands up from his checker game and walks across the room towards her even though the matron gives him a dirty look that continues with him across the room. When he gets closer to her he wonders if the orderlies will separate them, but they make no move so he asks the girl who she is. She doesn't answer the question, but starts to speak with conviction in a low whisper, "I have been waiting for you. You have to fight him you know, they are going to poison your head so you can't escape and go after him. Now that you know me we are getting outta here! Doug thinks it is humorous that the girl thinks that he knows her, but he likes the familiar way she talks to him. He feels like he somehow knew her before. Soon he sees the orderlies coming to take him back to his room and they separate.

            That night he wakes up when he feels someone kicking the foot of his bed. For just a moment he is afraid to look to see who it is because he thinks the other agents have come for him and will beat him to death there in his room. He hears a big sigh like someone is tired of waiting for him to get up so he looks to see who it is. To his surprise it is the girl from the recreation room! Evidently she is a master of escape because he cannot see how she got in there. She is looking at him with a self satisfied expression with a huge wad of gum in her mouth and bright red lipstick. She is wearing an unfastened straitjacket, and she is twirling a ring of keys on her finger. She walks over to his room door that is cracked open and they walk out into the dim hall. Soon they are heading through a dark laundry room and into a staff bathroom. She effortlessly hoists him up into a vent and after a few claustrophobic moments they drop down through a vent into the main reception area! In the few moments that Doug stood there brushing himself off she mercilessly trashes the office and then they walk out to freedom. Soon the two are standing in front of Will's dark house. They walk around to the back and the girl breaks into a basement window and shoves him inside and then whispers after him that she will see him again soon. Doug crept upstairs past his parents dark room to go talk to Will. Will is still awake reading in his dark room with a small desk lamp when Doug comes in like an angel of death. For an instant then Doug realized that Will might kill him and he is almost overcome with the desire to kill him before he can turn around.

            Will could feel Doug's presence though and so looked back to see him standing there. Will is shocked to see that it is Doug because the other agents had told him that Doug was already dead. That day they were chuckling among themselves that the "Doc" had done it. Doug sat there on the end of his bed and quietly told him all about his experiences and how he knew that the Overmind had to be stopped. Overcome with everything that happened over the past few hours Doug broke down and started to sob that he had killed and enslaved people and that he would give what was left of his meager life to take the Overmind down.

            Through the conversation Will had kept a blank expression on his face since he was afraid that this was a trick of the Overmind and that he had sent Doug to measure his loyalty, but when Doug had told him of his past sins he believed his story since agents most fear opening up their thoughts and feelings to their fellows because they take it as a sign of weakness. Will knew that if he tried to help Doug now that he would probably be killed, but he remembered all the great adventures he had with Hans before and agrees to fight the Overmind again. Right then Will saw his two sisters quietly come into the room. They had heard what Will and Doug were saying as they stood still in the hall. Will knew that one of them had a crush on Doug and that they wouldn't tell anyone that he had been here. To his surprise they then tell him that they had started a small group that is devoted to resisting the Overmind.

            Soon all four of the friends decide to go on an adventure to upset the plans of the Overmind before the sunrise. Soon they are heading in his sisters car toward the ranch where all the mail to the agents came from to see if they can find and fight the Overmind. Once they arrive they park down below the turn off in the shadow of a ditch. After walking across a field they find some dark brick buildings, but not much else. Once they venture past the dark buildings to their surprise they find a circle of pillars. Soon they are setting out a plan to magically debilitate the pillars. The work seems to take all night, but the darkness seems to last and last. Once they get back to the car they begin to see the first pink light of the sun and they realize that they have barely enough time to make a getaway. The day Will has a normal Sunday, but is nervously awaiting the repercussions of what they have done; would the Overmind know what he had done?

            On Monday when he went into the office he found all of the agents in an uproar. The leader is yelling at two agents that he is sending outside. He barked, "find him and take care of it!" Will realizes that the Overmind is apparently very angry about the pillars. This frightens him very much because that night seemed more like a dream than anything. He now knew that his actions had a real effect. The drastic change of affairs also seemed to galvanize his desire to continue the work of resisting the Overmind. Will wondered how much they could do against the Overmind or what might happen next.

            A few days later Will is walking through the park on his way home after dark. Suddenly Doug is standing there in the shadow of a tree. Doug excitedly tells Will about how he has reached state 26 and he has also retained his will somehow and can teleport and do many miracles. Than suddenly an agent shows up and points a wand at Doug's back. In that moment to Will's horror Doug's lifeless corpse falls into his arms. The agent then sneered "So you caught him; good job. Now call the cops and get them to haul his body off." Will feels like fighting the agent but hides his anger and pulls out his cell phone to call the police. After the police and agents left Will sat on the spot and cried over the death of his friend with many tears of bitterness. He decides not to go home then, but walk over to Doug's house where he tells Doug's family about the Overmind and Canadianism. Doug's family forgives him and they become forever friends.



            In the latter part of the Month, when will had returned to Provo, I came into town to see Will being overwhelmed by the misfortune of Doug's death. I came to see him and his family, and Will's Mother invited me to go with them to visit Doug's Grave in Brigham City. It was there where I witnessed the tomb and when I saw the protrait of Doug on the tomb stone I knew his face. it was then that I realised that He was certainly the one that I saw in Moze Werlt and that I taught him how to use Buzz. I didn't remember clearly all the details of the dream, but his face was so vivid to me that I recalled it immediatly. Later I found out that when I had this dream, I had learned a song from him. A song to this day I remember clearly, and I have written 4 revisions of the piece, which still remains Andrew's Favorite. Later on that week, I began a second revision of the song in Buzz, and I worked on it for over an hour. I was at Will's house and Will was in there. After hearing the song a number of times he became very emotional because he was still grieving, but I didn't know any better, So I went to calm him down. When I arrived in Will's room I found him there weeping, At the Time I wasn't really very sensitive I regret that I did not do more for him to find out what was going on. I told him it was ok, and that it was just a song. In the back of my mind I felt there was more to it than that. To Will it seemed to be more than that. After talking with Will a few more times over the next few weeks I came to discover that "The Promised Land" was Doug's song and that he taught it to me while I was in the Center where all human thought merges. Today I have the Anthem boldly standing as an anthem to ascention, and to honor he who was lost in the battle, our honored brother Doug. In memory of Doug. "The Promised Land" wherein is written the sacred virtues of devotion and loyalty and friendship. 


Chapter 7

The Machine


            The Monday before Christmas break I awoke feeling kind of funny. I looked out side to see the densest mist I had ever seen. I couldn't even see the front yard. I through on my pack and headed out into the fog. For some reason the mist seemed dangerous so at first I tried to breathe softly under my coat. Soon I could not get enough air and began to hold my breath instead. Soon I could not hold my breath a moment longer and gasped for air. Instantly I felt weak and felt myself almost going into a trance. I went down in states of mind and my feet started moving by themselves. I fought for my consciousness and I took control of my own appendages again. I started running and I saw the pine trees shrouded in mist as I headed through the park. I had made it to school quickly using my teleportation power with most of my faculties still intact but still a little drowsy.

            Once I was inside I felt better and boldly walked down the halls. Soon I realized something was wrong. I marveled at the fact that the halls were deathly silent. My first thought was that it was a president's birthday or something and there was no school, but as I turned the corner there were a few kids in the hall. They were walking quietly without speaking to each other, which seemed odd, but I shrugged off the feeling and proceeded on. I had to climb up the steps to the second level for my first class. As I came up the steps I saw something I was not quite prepared for. The halls were completely filled with students just like a normal school day, but they all walked totally silent like a windless grave yard.

            As they walked along they kept their eyes forward staring into space as though in some kind of hypnosis. You could hear a pin drop across the school if there was one. Soon I found the only sound I heard was the beating of my own heart and an awful doom a fear fell upon me! I decided to do a brave thing and break the silence. I said "Hello?" It was loud and echoed around the halls but no one even looked at me. I ran past all the melancholy people to my first class. I sat in my desk and looked at the teacher who was at her desk at the front of the room. She had picked up a sheet of paper and was reading it, but than I noticed that her pupils weren't moving at all. My blood ran cold as she suddenly resembled a corpse at a desk.

            The students filed in silently and the teacher stood. The sound of the bell tore through the silence but no one flinched but me. The teacher slowly passed out work sheets and the students started doing them in a somewhat robotic fashion. All my classes were about the same. Lunch came and I was anxious to see Andrew and Steve. They were not like the other students they talked but seemed to be in somewhat of a state of depression. When I asked them about the mist they agreed it was strange. I asked them about the other students and to my horror they hadn't noticed anything out of the ordinary. I said don't you think it is a little strange our voices are echoing in this silent cafeteria. Andrew knitted his brow and retorted, "There is the clatter of silver ware". "Yeah, but what about the voices?", I asked. He replied that maybe everyone was just really busy with the break coming and all. Steve did agree with me that it was actually kind of weird, but he did not seem too concerned. At that moment I became convinced that this was the overminds doing. I was horrified at what the overmind was up to; and told them so.

            Suddenly we saw a custodian coming straight for us and I said "let's book it". We hastily left the cafeteria. After school Steve and Andrew decided to go straight home and so did I. My family was actually not all that strange just about like Steve and Andrew and my little brother Danny said to me, "Hey Sam everyone sure was really busy today!" The next day nothing had improved. After school I related to Andrew and Steve that we had to find the source of the mist and they agreed. Andrew came up with an idea and said, "Hey Sam do you think it is that strange dark machine we found a little while ago?" I wasn't sure, and said, "I don't know but let's check there first considering it is so close". So we headed across the misty soccer Field. When we got close to the machine to our horror we heard a funny noise and saw mist literally billowing out of the area of the top of the tower. When we saw this we held our breath and ran back into the school. We were now sure it was the evil machine causing the mist. As we left to go back to our houses I told Steve and Andrew to go home and think of how we could stop the machine. The next day I went to school for another silent day.

            This morning I actually heard a distant noise that was coming from a distant hall on the other side of the school and so I walked toward it. The sound led me to the Goth hall where the Goths always hang out. To my astonishment the Goths looked very depressed, but were quietly talking! I walked up to them and they looked at me warily at first and said "Hey dude you aren't one of the silent ones are you?" I told them I was not and they replied that they believed that this was all like a big conspiracy. They all seemed to agree that there was something out there in the mist that someone didn't want us to know about and one of them said, "They got everyone, like, brain washed, man. You aren't on their side are you?" "No I am like you", I said. "Hey do you remember the news letter that every one was all upset about?" "Yeah" I said. "Well it said something like this was going to happen. Oh hey, dude we are going to fight the system. I would come to school tomorrow if I were you." "Thanks for the advice", I said, and then went to my first class.

            At lunch time I told Steve and Andrew what the Goths said and Steve had some exiting news. He related that he had found a found a place where there was no fog. "It's behind my house up on Genghis Khan's", he said. Andrew said, "Let's go there after school", and we all agreed. After the last period we headed out to Genghis Khan's. It was amazing, directly above the hill there was no mist and when we come out on top of the hill there was open air and you could look straight up through the cylinder of clear air and see the blue sky high above you. Suddenly a dog came running up to us happy as can be. He was brown with big white spots. I wondered aloud how we could use this hill to destroy the machine. Andrew came up with a brilliant Idea, he said, "Let's take some rocks and a piece of this burnt wood that is here and put it on the machine". Steve seemed skeptical and asked how that would help. We both explained that this would be taking a thing of light and putting it on a thing of darkness and perhaps that it would be enough to dispel it.  We all agreed this was the best plan we had come up with yet so we took the items and walked to the edge of the hill and into the fog. The night had come and we rested at Steve's house with each of our magical items. When we felt that we were ready we ran down to Timpview in the pitch darkness.

            As we headed through the soccer field we heard several cars pull up into the parking lot. We knew that these cars held agents of the overmind and so we ran faster. I looked back and heard tons of foot steps running towards us but saw no one. We booked it up to the machine. Steve hopped the fence surrounding the base of the tower and we handed him our items. He placed them on the machine and when the last item touched it the low hum suddenly stopped and the machine seemed to give out its dying breath as wind hit the air. Down below someone shouted very angrily and so Andrew and I ran down the gravel path past the base ball field and crouched down in a shadow. We looked back to see a bald man in a black over coat run to the fence. Steve had jumped the fence on the other side and had run out into the misty football field. The man in black jumped the fence with ease as if he were a gymnast and ran into the fog. Andrew and I held our breath hoping that Steve would get away. We heard other voices as well so we snuck off as quietly as possible. We circled around and headed for Steve's house.

            He was there and we were thrilled he was safe. We all went our separate ways and the next day I got up and looked outside to see a bright new day. Every one was cheerful and lively and as I walked into the school doors I heard the usual noise of tons of loud teenagers. The cops where there because they had heard that there was a bomb threat on the school, but most people didn't pay much attention. Apparently one of the Goths had been arrested and taken in for questioning in connection with the bomb threat. After school we headed to Steve's and jumped joyfully on his trampoline.



            I remember a time when we went to check on the magical devices that were planted to deactivate the machine. I guess the Agents did not know or could ot tell what it was we did that night. but they really wanted to find out, so they would watch that area intently. So a couple weeks after to this event we snuck out into the night as we had all been at will's house, and so we went over to the tower, and found that The Magical devices were still in tact. And the moment that we got there we examined the tower to see if it was still non-functional. We looked up to see if there was any mist coming out but this time to our horror we saw a red piercing light gleaming from the top of the tower. Andrew was upset about it because the device was planted up there to alert the agents that there was activity. We looked over across the field to the south and we saw the headlights of a jeep in the distant parking lot light up, and they started moving towards us. We knew it was the agents coming to find out our secret. We ran with all of our energy and escaped into the night.



            Around January Hans heard a rumor from his friends that Will was coming back one day when he was unloading books from his locker. The news filled him up with hope that it would be true. After lunch he was heading to his next class. He came around the corner and saw the reflection of a schezaresque character in the buffed floor in front of the band room. Hans dropped his books and ran to Will and they embraced. Will's hair had grown long into dreads and his face held the vestiges of some conflict. Will told Hans that he would see him soon and that he had news of Orfacius. Soon that night all the friends were in a noisy gathering around the old glass table with pizza on the lazy Susan like a wheel of time. Will joked that he was happy to be here because Orfacius almost had had his hide back in Texas. They all wanted to hear of his adventures.

            Once everyone was done eating he spun a tale about how Orfacius was like a mafia don out in Texas and told them how he had infiltrated his organization. Before he had told them much about the old man plastic stars appeared in his hand as he captured their eyes like a magician and he spoke in dark tones telling them that they were magic items of real power. He ran to the door and told everyone he would show them what they could do. Everyone ran out into the night with each of their stars clenched in their fists. The agents in the neighborhood could be seen in a small group walking down the street a few blocks away and they chased Will and his friends into the park by the school. Once they reached the top of the hill Will took his star and placed it on his forehead where it stuck. Before the others had followed suit Will had started to fade from their view as if he was becoming invisible but as soon as they had placed their own stars to their forehead they could see him clearly again.  They looked for the agents but they seemed lost in a mist near the base of the hill. Though the friends could see the agents wandering nearby the agents could not see them.

            The friends ran unseen through the night until they could hardly feel the ground beneath their feet. Soon they found themselves in a magical meadow beneath a bright starry sky. They had never seen the place before and they knew that they had reached another dimension. They danced in the starlight, frolicked, and played laughing until they collapsed into soft grass. When they headed home they wandered in hills that seemed to be in a huge expanse until they found familiar trails beneath their feet and found themselves back at Will's house. The next night all the friends gathered again at Will's house to go on an adventure again. Will took them out into his backyard and explained to them that through his magic Orfacius had ways to attain to great strength, speed, and skill. He showed them how easy it was by eating what appeared to be gum and then running with super speed across the yard and jumping right over the fence! The friends all raced through the side yard and into the street to see Will there smiling. He gave them each a piece of gum and they ran together through the streets and up into the hills practically flying over any fence or stone that stood in their way. The agents had begun chasing them again just like the night before but they had soon receded from view. Hans was especially astounded at his new found strength. They played running games flying pell-mell around the hills above the town, but after awhile thy felt their legs running slower and slower until they headed back down the slopes toward town. Everyone was scattered along the path heading back.

            Will and Hans were walking together without any of the others near the high school. Hans talked to Will about how amazing it had been to have such physical strength when usually he finds it so hard to move with great speed. Will stopped and asked his Hans a question that he had wondered about ever since he had first heard of programs. He asked, "If you could have permanent strength would you do it?" He needed to know if he should try and find something that could cure his friend of his physical ailments, but something had always stopped Will. Now Hans answered that his physical bonds were his lot in life and that he would abide by their laws instead of seeking to circumvent them. Will had been desperate to show his friends the truth of canadianism and of the overmind, but his eagerness had taken its toll on his options- he now had no more programs to ensure his survival if Orfacius found out that he was no longer an agent. Will's luck had not run out yet though. The overmind had not heard of his latest exploits and still thought him in his care.

            Soon Will was contacted by the overmind through a secret cabal and heard that he was sending someone to give him more programs. The night was overcast and dark and only Will was home with Hans. He instructed Hans to go into his room upstairs and turn out the light and stay there. Will walked out into the front yard and was soon met by a vehicle that drove up his quiet street. Hans could see that there were several men inside. A shadowy figure got out and walked right up to Will and exchanged a secret sign. Hans could not see the secret signs that they used because Will had his back turned to the window. Soon the man had left and Will came back inside with a box filled with programs that Will jokingly called a "lunchbox". One night Will and Hans are alone again at his house. The evening is coming on but they do not bother to turn on any lights. When the room is completely dark there is a knock at the door! Will goes to answer the door and Hans hears a strange voice of the person Will is talking to. Soon a short figure runs past the window and the visitor is gone. Hans is curious and asks Will who had come, Will answers that, "It was a midget at the door with his face covered! He said that Ti At Ta Cooshiwa is coming, whatever that means! Will's outburst would have been quite funny if he did not look so visibly shaken. Will seems like he wants to change the subject and just brush off the strange encounter when Will looks at Hans. They give each other a knowing look and realize with a sense of foreboding that something bad is coming.

            They start to hurry around the house locking each window and door. When they finish Will starts to comment that no one can get in, when his words are interrupted by the sound of the basement window opening. The friends realize with a sinking feeling that they had forgotten to lock it. Will quietly grabs a stout cane by the front door as they hear the sound of lots of people entering the window downstairs. Will hands Hans a program and takes one himself as they stand by the stairs leading out of the basement and lie in wait for the intruders. Heavy footfalls sound on the stairs as the group of intruders run up towards Will and Hans at full speed. The leader cries out, "get the gum"; as he is struck full in the face by Will's stick and tumbles down the stairs on top of his fellows. Now the full import of the assault is clear and the battle is joined as an individual extricates himself from the tangle of black garbed assailants lying halfway down the stairs and runs up the stairs at full speed with a wicked looking blade in his hand. He reaches the top only to meet Will and the crushing force of his program-strengthened grip. Will flings him up against the wall and would have hurled him down the stairs as the blade sings past his face just barely missing him. He grabs the attacker's blade hand and disarms him by nearly breaking his hand against the wall. Hans tries to see around them to try and check any more intruders from coming up the stairs only to be flung back into the main hall by a large man wielding a club. Both Hans and the intruder are surprised at their collision though and Hans wraps the man's arm in his sinuous program- inspired grip before the intruder has a chance to place a blow with his club. The club is hurled away before the attacker can cry out as his forearm bones compress and grind together near breaking. Will and Hans seem to have the advantage as the two men they are grappling with fill the hall and the others cannot enter from the stairs when a much smaller thin man ducks under the flailing arms of the man Will is fighting and quickly jumps at Hans wrapping his throat in a crushing grip with his long fingers. Hans cannot budge the man that is choking him as the large man starts to struggle with all his might to get free. Hans feels himself stepping backward out of the hall and into the living room as his vision dims and he knows that he will soon pass out when uses his last bit of strength to slam the thin mans head into the flagstone of the wall and breaks free. While the thin man rolls stunned on the ground Hans turns on the large man who is winding up to strike him and hurls him back into the hall and hears his head slam with a thud against the base of the door.

            By this time three attackers are all fighting with Will and Hans hurls one into the kitchen as several more rush into the hall from the stairs. Two of the assailants attack Hans at once but he makes a fist and strikes one so hard that the man is hurled back into a man that is attacking Will and both fall senseless to the floor. In a final wave of fury the attackers Will has been throwing on the floor as well regroup and attack making Will stagger back near Hans. To catch his balance Will grabs one of the assailants and they both fall into a heap on the floor when the man that Hans had struck to the ground gets back up and calls off the attack with a great yell, "It is no use; they have programs!" Soon the front door as been flung wide and the attackers begin to flee. Hans runs to the door to see where they are going while at the same moment the attacker Will has in his grip breaks free and runs toward the open door framed by Hans's thin form. As he runs past Hans he grabs his black hood and holds him tight. The attacker almost falls back on to the ground, but keeps pushing his way forward until he is on the porch steps and uses his heavy body weight to drag Hans down the steps and onto the grass where Hans wraps his arms and legs around him and checks his advance. By this time Will had gotten up and went to the door. To Will's surprise a white van with real ninjas inside roars up to the curb and the attackers dart straight for it and it roars away leaving the attacker Hans is holding on the ground. When Will sees the two struggling he bounds down the steps and grips the attacker from behind and strips off his mask with a deft movement. To Hans's and Wills surprise it is their friend Patrick. It is only then that the attackers start to seem familiar. It was their friends that had attacked them! They look into Patrick's eyes and he does not seem to be himself.

            Hans is so shocked he lets go of Patrick and he gets up and starts moving slowly to the street. His usual sardonic grin has been replaced by a vacuous expression and he is muttering something unintelligible. Will follows him across the grass asking, "Why, Patrick? Why did you attack us?" He grows insistent while Patrick hangs his head and wont look directly at Will. Will at first seems to not know what to do, but after awhile puts his hand on Patrick's shoulder. At this point Patrick jumps as if jolted by Will's touch and starts to walk across the street. Will follows him and calls his name. On the other side of the street Patrick stops and looks at Will. Hans can see Will explaining something to him, but Patrick's face twists up into a very angry expression and he screams at the top of his voice, "I don't believe you!" Then Jon Fairbanks car comes up the street, picks up Patrick, and drives off.

            The snow is melted and the first flowers are coming out when Hans is walking to school with the morning sun glowing warm on the back of his neck. He looks up from the pavement to see three large orange daffodils in one of the yards. They are so bright in the morning sun that he feels like the sun is glowing through him in both directions. With a smile he continues toward school. When Hans is walking home from school he sees the daffodils again. This time he realizes with a start that they are in a different yard! They are closer to the school this time. He walks up to the flowers and crouches down to see them there. After looking at them he stands up to walk away, but then sees them a block away up a side street! Hans is now very interested and decides to follow wherever the flowers are.

            Once he walks up the side street to where they are he looks up at the hill above him to see them there on the crest of the hill! Soon Hans is huffing and puffing up the hill and as he crests the hill he sees a small glade of trees. When he goes into the shadow of the trees he sees a strange temple of junk. He sees the a mailbox on the heap of junk. Hanging on the mailbox is a frame of burnished metal. This is the only bright and openly visible thing that Hans sees and he knows he has been led here to take away this thing. As he lifts it off its perch a momentary doubt flashes past his mind. Would he know how to use the frame? As soon as this thought dies away he awoke from his thoughts with a start to see he was looking right through the frame. He can see the world as it really is. He can see the power of the growth of the trees and their endurance that weathers the storms and the life in the soil where he stood.

            That night he dreamed he was in Canada's garden. He found Canada on the path smiling and welcoming him. Canada told him that he needed an item of power. She said, "may this piece of life sustain you!" At that moment she plucked off a branch above her head and put it in Hans's clutching arms. Hans could feel himself waking up and coming back to his bed when he heard Canada's voice calling after him, "this is your wand, use it well!" He woke to find the wand that Canada had given him laying next to his bed just as he had seen it in his dream. The next morning Hans ran to Will's house with his new treasures. They looked in wonder through the window at Will's house and saw auras and energy walkers in his house. When Hans has looked through the window long enough he begins to realize how dimensions work and how they fit together. Then at that moment Hans knew that he could advance without his friends and become a strong magus without their help. Right then he heard Canada's words in his mind, "no one has become great without helping the helpless, stay with your friends and help them, even though you may have the power to transcend worlds". That night Hans ate dinner at Will's and then the two friends go to Steven Gashler's birthday party. Hans and Will with Steve's other friends have rehearsed it because it is a sort of show. About 30 people from school have been invited to share the strange party. Soon they are on their way back to Will's house walking past the school when they see a strange sight!

            On the front yard of the school is a huge bazaar filled with tons of old and interesting stuff. A few old lamps are sitting among the knick knacks and are burning with a golden light just as if they were sitting next to an old chair in a house! Standing in the bazaar are two young men in robes. They have shaven heads, but contented and happy faces. One is holding a homemade sign that says, "yard sale". Will and Hans go over to them among the mounds of distinctive bric-a-brac and Will asks in a dull and congested voice, "What are you selling?" With an expansive gesture one of the men motions towards stuff and says, "Magical stuff". Will and Hans are soon looking through all the stuff and wondering what it is all for as they try some of it. Will puts on a chrome-looking helmet and takes a nice deep breath. He realizes with a smile he no longer has hay-fever! One of the men smiles and says, "That helmet is for allergies". Hans asks what a large tea heater is for and they explain it makes things magical through powerful potion magic. The man explains, "It is really easy really, all you need to do is put the thing in the top and let bubble away for awhile". Soon Will and Hans have decided on purchases of a few things including a trench coat (for protection) the potion maker and the helmet. They go to the men and ask how much the stuff is. They are shocked to find they want about $3 for all of it. When Hans says, "that is a great price!" the men smile and say, "well it is a yard sale".

            One day Hans is in the Bathroom washing his hands. When He turns around to dry them off he sees a ring on the windowsill. This ring seems to reach out to him and so Hans grabs it and slides it on to his picky finger. He looks at the ring every now and again that day and whenever he does he gets a feeling of a dark place deep in the earth. When he goes over to Will's house they sit in his basement and talk about the song Hans just composed on the computer.

            The basement seems darker than usual. When Hans leaves to go home the sun has gone down to reveal a dark night without stars or moon. When he gets home he eats some leftover lasagna in the kitchen. He does not bother to turn on the light and eats in the dark. When he is done he does not see anyone and so goes to bed. He rolls over and lies down on his face and falls into a deep sleep. He cannot feel, he cannot know. He has never seen light before for he forgets his place in the universe. All he knows is the darkness. It seems like he has been forever when it happens; a pain greater than cold liquid steel singing through your soul. The magi have come.

            The next day he looks at the ring and finds a small dome that has formed in the black surface of the ring and he can feel the ring knowing what has happened. He wants the dream. He knows it means the end of darkness. He keeps the ring when his little brother starts to ask if anyone has seen it. That night he reenters the cavern; lives the thirst of another; the thirst of one who has never seen light. Every morning there is a new dome in the ring marking that he has reentered that place. Every night he follows the advice of the magi and never eats the stones, but wanders through the darkness in the weakness of hunger to the place where the forlorn are swallowed by the earth itself.

            He goes on to where the people eat filth- the filth that destroys the earth even as it makes a mockery of it. He turns away and continues to hunger. Will he ever find his way? One day after school Hans is walking home when he sees the orange daffodils again. Soon the flowers have appeared in a handsome yard a block away. He keeps following where he sees the flowers until Hans finds himself in a neighborhood behind Steve's house. He is right in front of Genghis Khan's memorial that they used before to kill the machine the first time and he runs to the top. The summit of the hill is sunny and breezy. It seems like the perfect reminder that summer is coming. A few wispy clouds blow by in the sky and everything is perfectly peaceful as Hans lies down in the browning grass.

            Then just as Hans feels comfortable enough to take a nap up there he hears the most profound buzzing sound he had ever heard! Then he saw it, at three or four inches long it was easily the largest bee he had ever seen! It was as orange as the flowers he had followed here and it was heading straight toward him! He started to cover his head in fright, but he heard the bee tell him in a calm voice to not be afraid. As if to answer his question the bee explained to Hans that he was really the spirit of Morgan that had come to this bee and allowed for it to grow to this incredible stature. He explains to Hans that he will be a magus that will lead others to overcome the influence of Orfacius.

            At this point Morgan came closer to Hans's face and began to speak very gravely. He said, "You must be very careful before you are delivered from the overmind for he hungers to have you". Then Morgan led Hans to the brow of the far side of the hill and said, "Look to the north". Hans looked out towards the north and to his extreme surprise saw an evil tower machine just like the one back at the school! Then Morgan went on to say, "These machines will cover the land. The only thing you can do is to learn, and teach others, to have a state of mind in which they cannot affect you." Then Morgan tells Hans, "remember to be strong and the age of the titans will come to counter the overmind." Then the mighty bee soared into the sky with a great buzzing sound and flew away.

            Once Morgan had gone Hans ran back to tell his friends what had happened. After an hour or so Hans's friends get together and decide to run out to Genghis Khan's memorial. On the way they saw a dog running along. Steve and some of the other friends recognized this dog. They had given the dog the name magnificent Bill because he can run very fast. The friends sat on the hill and talked for hours. Soon they went to the base of the hill to head home when a black jeep wrangler roared up with two scary men inside. The friends immediately ran into the woods by the road, but not until they can see that one of the men has brandished a sawed off shotgun. As they scattered they heard the shotgun fire and then the man bellow into the trees, "don't let me catch you up on that hill again or I'll kill you!" Later that week the friends decide to go back to their magical meadow, but when they get there they realize they can still see the tower machine not far away and the meadow is the same as every other place in the city. They realize the power of Orfacius has reached their playground and they can no longer reach another dimension that way. Sadly the friends walk back home.


Chapter 8

The Titans

            Hans jumped in the van and sat next to his brother Adam. This year everyone was going down to see him off and his mom had borrowed a van. The road down was sunny and beautiful. In the back of the old van he tells his brother about what has been happening. Using he words: Will and I have found that most people do not know what is happening; there is an evil wizard that is attacking the people in the city. When we get up to Beaver I will show you the difference between places where he has influence and places where he has no power. I do not know why he had no power up in the mountains above Beaver- I think it may be a sacred spot." He went on to say that he had been doing battle with this being for the past year. After the van scrapes past the rough spots on the dirt road on the way to Beaver lodge the family spent some time saying goodbye and then left.

            Soon Hans is standing in front of the lodge with his bags again. Shortly afterwards an old pickup roars up and a large man gets out with his two sons. The older son Hans knows from his time last year. He says hi and meets his little Brother that will be staying for the summer. His name was Spencer and he has an unhealthy nervous look about him. That night they all sit around the table and plan the staff week including the first 3 peaks hiking trip.

            The day of the hike everyone milled about getting ready. The day was clear and windy at first, but as they head up the ridge a low overcast sky comes rolling in and seems to tear close by the tips of the pine trees. Soon Hans is ahead of the group and walking toward the old cabin when out of the trees he hears the shriek of a cougar. He stops dead in his tracks when he sees pieces of an animal ahead in the path. He knows he cannot make any sudden movements or look scared and so continues on his way past the spot.

            As he turns onto the path at the base of the mountains he sees Butch running up to him with a comfortable grin. He tells Hans," I thought you might like some company." Hans smiles and wonders if he can keep up with him this time. Soon they are heading up Delano- a group unto themselves silhouetted against the windy sky filled with shredding clouds. To Hans's surprise Butch stays right next to him in lockstep. They talk about how strange the day is and enjoy the peak of Delano before heading on together. The two friends soon slide down a hill of boulders onto the saddle between Delano and Holly and are walking across the expanse near the cliff when they stop dead in terror. There quivering before them and coming nearer is a small tornado. Hans feels his stomach turn over as he feels his body begin to lift upward into the path of the tornado and resigns himself to death just as he feels the jolting strength of two large hands as they grab him and hold him fluttering near the ground. As the wind tower passed into the abyss and passed from view Hans's body sinks with its full weight into the ground at Butch's feet. At that moment he realizes that Butch has saved his life and that he would have been thrown off the precipice if it had not been for his friends help. The two friends are quite shaken but they find themselves good natured and joking about the incident by the time thy leave the peak of Holly.

            In a few more steps they see the slopes of the immense glacier falling away before them. Hans decides to slide down the ice as it is his tradition each year. The thrill of going down the glacier turns into cold terror as Hans sees that the glacier has been melting early in the year. As he first puts his heels into the ice to try and stop himself he can see where the ice slides down to where a boulder stands in his path. Soon his feet reach out to meet the stone and stop his descent with a stinging shock. Butch had seen Hans almost hit the rock and runs up to Hans who is still laying there to congratulate him on his luck.

            The rest of the hike is joyful for Hans as he realizes that he has survived two near misses and that he had lived. A few days later Hans is walking through strawberry flat with Spencer. As they head across the meadow this day Hans feels a strange breeze coming from near the edge of the trees. He takes a few steps closer and feels the breeze on his face. He can tell that there is something special and different near here, but does not know what, until he saw it. A large stump on the tree line is beckoning to him. To his surprise he sees door-walkers all over it except on top where there was an invisible mist column towering into the sky. Spencer at first looked quizzically at Hans, who had stopped walking, but looks into the trees himself and becomes very quiet and respectful. He knows there is something there. Hans realizes that they need to go on to the climbing outpost and soon leaves with Spencer, but decides to come back soon.

            The next day Hans decides to go to the stump even though there are many lowering clouds in the sky and it looks like it might rain. As he nears the stump he looks up at the stump only to see Spencer sitting there. He has a happy contented look on his face and looks like he is looking out at something like a vision has been opened to him. At that moment there is an opening in the clouds and a beam of sunlight pours down onto Spencer. Hans knows something wonderful is happening and merrily goes on his way. Finally Hans had a spare moment to go to the stump himself. Staff week had just barely ended and it had been hard work. As he comes and sits on the stump all his cares and tiredness seem to slip away and everything is perfectly peaceful. He finds he can meditate and contact the Meta very easily from this spot. Ever since Spencer had gone to the stump he had been much more powerful, happy and confident. Now Hans knows Spencer had probably contacted the Meta there or had been touched by the Magi even if he did not know it himself.

            The first troop of scouts was not very happy. They looked strong but the uniform they decided on was just a plain orange shirt. They were always tearing each other down and no one knew why they decided to be together or had any unity. Soon Hans found out what they had in common. He was coming out of the trees onto strawberry flat one day when he heard them chanting strange words and coming toward him while they were making a huge racket banging on pots and pans. He retreated into the forest just like he felt all the other forest spirits around him doing. He went on through the woods to the lodge wondering what the strange troop of scouts was up to. On his way back to his tent a horrible feeling came over him and he felt himself start to run toward the vision stump. He could still hear their receding voices in the distance when he came to the stump and found in his horror that it had been defiled. Strong magic had banished the door-walkers on the stump and instead it was covered with spirals carved in blood. It looked as if the stump was cut and bleeding like the body of a human being. Hans felt cut off from its power and felt like he was standing at the edge of a gaping hole. He determined there that he would do more to halt the growth of the evil power of the overmind and then sadly walked away.

            That night Hans is sitting near the fire after all his friends had gone to sleep when he hears a quiet sound coming out the fire. It is a voice speaking in a marvelous unknown language. The voice soon becomes louder and is almost as loud as a voice one uses when he is talking to someone close by. Hans is mystified, as soon as the voice stops speaking for a moment he asks, "Who are you?" The voice answered the quick reply, "I am Doug." This reminds Hans of Will's friend in Texas named Doug that had died. He wondered aloud, "The one that died?" The voice then answers his thoughts quickly, "Yes." Now Hans wants to make sure and asks point blank, "you are the one who knew Will that died accidentally?" Then the voice vehemently shouted in a low voice, "No! I was murdered by the Overmind!" Hans continues, "Oh, why have you come?" To which he was answered, "I have come because you are close to the realization of the real world, when you have realized the real world you will have escaped the Overmind's influence. Then you will be free. Good luck my friend, fare thee well." At that the voice was gone and Hans was left alone to wonder at the all the things he was learning about his future.

            A few weeks later Hans goes out to the cliff looking out into Beaver Gorge. It is getting late and there is a beautiful sunset in the sky above him. Then all of a sudden he sees the first star appear in the sky right before his eyes and it happens! He realizes the real world. For the first time he understands the world as it really is. He realizes then that eventually he will know all truth and there is no power in any realm that can stop him.

            Weeks later Hans was talking with CJ in his tent and telling him about the dream he had about the man in the mountain that was trying to get out. With a twinkle in his curious blue eyes CJ then asks, "Well did he ever get out of the Mountain?" Right then Hans realizes with shock that he does not know what happens to Han. Since those first few dreams he had seen Han walk through many caves and places. Han had even had a vision of the world outside, but Hans still did not know if he had ever run among the blue skies and green fields of the world outside. That night when he lies down to sleep he wonders about Han until he has forgotten himself in the darkness of sleep. He lives with Han again as he finds himself in the cursed caves. Many of the friends Han had taken with him had fallen in tragedy along the way, but finally the day comes when a single beam of golden, blinding light fills a cave near the surface and he feels the first breeze from the world outside. From that day on Han had faith no longer, but knew there was an outside.

            Soon he had found the way out and had outwitted the guardians that would keep him from escape. He walked across the mighty lakebed and the green fields with the expanse of the sky above him filling him with joy. He went into the forest with trepidation. Would there be enemies there or would he see the woman in his vision? His spirits fall as he sees her green forest house empty, the door broken, the woman fled away. He looks away in sadness, his benefactor stolen away, only to find a wise man on the garden path. They live together gathering the fruits of the forest until the day comes when the mighty titans come looking for the student they will take away before the fall of the city nearby. With light comes darkness and in the night they evil ones come to murder and ruin. The old man fights for him with his magic, but falls even as the Titans take him away to dwell among the stars where he prepares to avenge his friend in the last battle when the darkness of space is transformed into the light of life. Hans has lived as Han for many years when he opens his eyes with rejoicing in Beaver. The messengers of light have the victory even as some pass away, in this, and in all ages!

            The day Hans gets back to Provo he runs to Will's house to tell him of the dream of the titans. The story of Han is unfolded for Will and Hans tells him how he knows that the Titans are real and working to help them succeed in warring against the Overmind. He says, "In Han's age the titans sailed through the heavens and even though that age is no more; the titans persist still in the starry expanse among the people of the city of Enoch, and more titans will come to take their place to struggle before the last battle when all will pass away!" Will smiles and wants to believe all like a little child before his school master, but doubts if all these things are symbolic only. Soon the evening becomes more familiar again when Monte comes over and they all start talking about movies, music they have composed when Hans was gone, and many other more normal things. They take a trip to the grocery to get some things for dinner and strange things start happening. As they walk down a solitary aisle the cans on the shelf behind them get knocked down on the ground. Monte makes a lot of the happening, but Hans and Will act as if that happens all the time; wondering themselves what it might mean. Soon they get back and later once the darkness descends on the warm day the friends decide to go out into the cool night and have an adventure without peer. The friends hurry outside and head toward the school. Soon they are walking across the football field next to the evil tower machine when they notice puddles of water in the field. To their surprise these puddles are underneath a great expanse of mist. Hans sees something that looks like the ship of the titans in the mist, and cries out, but the others cannot see it. The puddles are perfectly round and in a circle just like the titan pillars are in the dream Hans has of Han.

            After continuing on their walk they head back to Will's house. Once they had arrived Monte sat down at the kitchen table and started to doodle while Will talked with him there. Hans is about to go inside the kitchen and sit down too when he turns around and sees a shadow in the hall mirror! He can tell right away that the being is good. The shadow looks like the wind titan to him. He tells Will to come over and stand by him and look. When he does Will can see the Wind Titan clearly and he can see that she is standing right next to him! A few weeks later Hans decides to go on a personal adventure. As he is walking along near the school he feels a presence of something in the football field and decides to go to have a look. To his horror there is a foul looking smoke -like mist coming out of the tower machine that begins to gather around the base of the machine and then grow in stature like a deformed monster. The monster was like a great immaterial giant standing over him. To his surprise Hans recognized that this must be the Overmind. He called out, "Overmind is that you?" As soon as he had spoken the evil mist flinched and began to shrink from him. A moment later Hans felt himself speak again and this time it was like a great battle cry, "I have seen the real world and I know your lies! I will raise an army against you! An army of truth and light! When Hans had said this the mist began to flee from him back toward the tower machine. It rested on the bleachers propping itself up and Hans heard the cruel eerie laugh of the Overmind as it finally blew away and completely disappeared on the wind. Once Hans had watched the evil mist depart he walked on.

            The Saturday right before school was to start Hans went over to Will’s house to have a sleepover. When Hans had just barely arrived Will showed Hans a strange CD by a man with the last name of Orange. Will took his stereo outside so they could listen to the CD where they were camping outside on the trampoline. In the dying light Hans and Will look up into the sky. It is very still there in Will’s yard, but the clouds are moving very fast high overhead. The clouds are strange. Will and Hans talk about the clouds and Hans says that the clouds passing over are cloud-cloaked ships. The two friends agree that the titans and the people of Enoch often come back to earth and do all sorts of things to combat evil.

            That night once they fell asleep they fall into dream. Hans and Will find themselves in a clean city street near tall downtown buildings. The two friends decide to take a walk down the street and see what they can find. In front of one of the tallest buildings there is some nice grounds where Hans and Will stop to talk awhile. Right when they had sat down at a Bench a man walked past them hurriedly, muttering, and lost in thought. He is strange and gangly and has a long trench coat on. This is the first person they have seen in a world that is now quickly filling with people. There can now be heard sounds coming from the street, but Hans and Will know that they had not seen anyone until the man had walked past. They are intrigued and follow him into the building. Once they go inside they see a nice reception area with a few businessmen waiting in front of a large desk where a receptionist is talking on the phone. Everyone thinks that they are with the man who is hurrying past and so no one thinks it strange when they go into the corridor with him. The man walks into a nice looking lounge and then up a flight of stairs until he reaches two ornate (Chinese looking) double doors. When the man reaches these doors he rushes forward with a sweeping motion and opens the doors as he cries out (as is he is performing for some hidden audience), “Now introducing the greatest invention ever created!” Before the doors close the two friends are inside a large multi-story workshop with the man who has hurried away among the gargantuan forms and clutter there. Soon they hear the man clanging parts, dropping things (wrenches from his perch above that land flat and ringing), and singing strange songs to himself. The two friends don’t really know what to do, but soon Will has plucks up the courage to ask a question, “So what are all these inventions?” At this the man peeks out from behind a huge steel sphere and says, “visitors! How wonderful! Let me show you everything!” Will and Hans now can see that the man is their friend Monte! He rushes up to them and makes them sit down on old wooden broken down chairs. He stands on his chair (that threatens to break) and he points up at all the inventions and breathlessly tells them what everything is and all about how it is going to change the world. The next morning the two friends talk about the strange dream over waffles made by Will’s mom.

            One day Will, Dan, and Hans go on an adventure. That day there was billowing clouds blowing out all across a stormy sky. The three adventurers head out to the fields around the high school. There is strange marks that have been made in the grass. It looks like maintenance workers have been working on the sprinkler system somehow , but when they pause they cant find any reason to the pits that have been dug in the field. Dan looks down into one of the holes and sees a shiny metal cylinder sitting there. He is mystified and picks it up. When he does the wind kicks up and nearly blows over Hans and Will, but Dan is not blown around at all. He notices that the wind will eddy based on where he points the metal rod. He then notices that there is a top part that he can twist. He points the rod out in front of him and he tries it. To his amazement lightning strikes right where he had pointed the rod. He tries it again and again and it works every time until he starts to worry about damage he might be causing the neighborhood. Soon the friends continue the journey amazed at their adventures.

            One night when Hans was dreaming he found himself back in the city he had visited with Will. The streets are filled with trash and it seems that something is very wrong. There are people rushing through the streets like they are trying to get away from something. Soon he hears a siren approaching and he goes out to stand on the curb to see what is happening and is almost bowled over by several people as everyone on the streets begin to run, quickly trying to get out of the street. Soon a military vehicle with a gun mounted on top comes around the corner with its sirens blaring. The vehicle is roaring through the streets and honking its horn at anyone that gets in its way as if it is looking for something. As the jeep is driving past Hans it suddenly slams on its brakes and comes to a stop a few yards away from him. The commanding officer stands up in the passenger seat, motions at Hans, and barks a quick command that Hans cannot fully make out. In moments two large guards have leaped out of the vehicle and dragged Hans handcuffed into the jeep.

            Soon Hans is driven out of the city and he can see the jeep driving by hilly country on the outskirts of a large enclosure hemmed in by barbed wire and small hastily constructed guard towers. The sight surprises Hans who remembers seeing such places in history books. It is a concentration camp.

            Hans is taken into a dark room and interrogated by a man in dark robes. He asks Hans what it is he can do. Hans is at a loss. The man becomes impatient and calls for the guards to come in and beat him up. As the guards come in menacingly Hans tells the man he will answer his questions, but he just did not understand. The man says so you can fly? You can throw force from your hands? ETC. Hans says yes, yes, and yes and even more! Those things are nothing! The man looks at Hans with terror as his eyes become wide and he quietly asks how Hans feels about the “master” Hans breaks in, “You mean the over mind? I am against him! I will not rest until he is destroyed!” The man decides that he has heard enough and waves Hans away into a maximum security area. When Hans is thrown into his cell he realizes that this is a very strange place. It would seem that he had been placed into a prison for the criminally insane rather than just an internment camp. People sit glassy eyed rocking back and forth in cells made from rusting metal and housed without lighting in what seems to be an old warehouse.

            After Hans had been there for what seemed like days he realized that the magic of the prison only made people believe that they could not use their powers. With a bit of trepidation Hans used his wall breaking power and ran straight at the wall without flinching and bashed right through! He called out with a loud voice, “they only make you believe that you can’t use your powers! Follow me!”

            Soon he ran crashing through the large double doors at the far side of the building and everyone followed him running in a huge force of gleeful warriors now full of fury and ready to do battle. When Hans got outside he saw the prisoners running out in all directions attacking anyone with a uniform on they could find. Some throw power from their hands and others can throw people with super strength. Right in front of the building there was a jeep with a machine gun mounted on it. Hans jumped in the drivers seat while more prisoners jumped on the back and manned the great gun. As the motor coughed into life Will came out of nowhere and jumped into the passenger seat next to him.

            Soon the jeep was hurtling out the front gates. He saw some of his fellow prisoners jumping like strange creatures over the perimeter fence and others commandeering motorbikes and all sorts of vehicles. As they raced out onto the dirt roads of the country Hans began to see the beginning of a counterstrike. Biplanes streaked overhead and filled the ground around them with bullets beating the dust up into the sky. The machine gun behind Hans’s head coughed into life as they began shooting down the planes who soon streaked up above the clouds to regroup. Another jeep soon sped up behind them and they were not sure whether it was a friend or foe until it began to fire on them cracking the windshield and making Hans duck down in his seat. Soon their great gun was turned on them making the jeep quickly brake out of range, until they had fired the last round and the gun stood there smoking. Now the enemy jeep sped up and came after them in order to ram them off the road, but when the speeding jeep got too close one of the largest men Hans had ever seen jumped off the back of their jeep and onto the surface of their roaring hood. Soon he had bashed through their windshield with his bare hands and pulled the occupants screaming from the two front seats. Now Hans directed his gaze forward onto the road ahead, gunned the motor and drove on to freedom.

            When Hans awoke he knew he had foiled some plan of the Overmind. He was puzzled though; why had the Overmind taken so many prisoners, and caused so much havoc? He was soon to find out.

            A few nights later he fell into a deep dream state and went into the Meta. There he saw something that shocked him. He was back in the town and was going to the town square to some sort of rally that was going to be held. He was just entering the square and had hear someone beginning to speak on a stage when he felt an ominous presence silently move over him like it was brooding just overhead. To his astonishment with this horrible feeling that had come over him there was a great shadow that had rolled over the square blotting out the light of the sun. He turned to look and saw a floating mountain horrifically floating through the sky until it sat hovering in the air right above them. Hans knew it was a weapon of the Overmind. It hovered there dark, almost gleaming, and taller than it was wide. The bottom was uneven and seemed to reach out menacingly in great stalactites. He craned his neck to see better and thought he saw dark figures walking on the top. He wanted to look away to panic and run, but he could not tear his eyes away from the horrible thing. All of a sudden he broke out of his reverie and looked away from the floating mountain because someone had put his hand on his shoulder and asked him wonderingly, “whatever are you looking at?” Hans turned to look at the man, but barely glanced at him as he looked all over the crowd. To his utter astonishment he saw only a handful of people looking skyward and pointing. Everyone else seemed not to see the great mountain hovering there. A few feet away from Hans a woman exclaimed, “Wow, look at that cloud, I hope there is not going to be rain, which would break up the rally! Hans realized then that only some people could see the floating mountain. He was consumed by a great desire to get away, out from under the great stone. He began pushing his way out of the rally towards the streets beyond. People gave him weird looks and some people acted as if they didn’t want to move out of his way. He can see out of the corner of his eyes that people in regular clothes are moving towards him. The only way Hans can see out is straight ahead and he wills himself to move with great speed out of that street into alleys and roads beyond. When Hans slows down breathing heavily in an alley many blocks away he decides to see if anyone is still following him. There is a metal fire escape nearby and he jumps up to the first rung, hauls himself up and climbs the rungs to the top of a small several story apartment building to have a good vantage point. When he gets to the roof he can see in most directions that are not blocked by large office buildings and to his horror he can see floating mountains across the horizon as far as the eye can see.

            Hans awoke with a start. He knew had to tell Will about this. He jumps out of bed and throws on his clothes and trots out the door into the warm summer air. His mom calls through the window if he would like some breakfast, but Hans tells her no thank you, but that he will be home from Will’s house before it gets too late.

            When Hans gets to Will’s house he goes down into the basement to see Will holding the magical window out in front of him towards one of the windows. Will seems lost in thought, but Hans decides to break him out of his trance to tell him about his dream. When Hans calls his name Will does not look up or away from the window, but says “Hans! Just the man I wanted to see! Look at this!” With a blind hand Will drags Hans down beside him to the floor where he peers through the window still in Will’s hand. When Hans looks into the window to his astonishment he can see walkers swarming over the wall of the basement marching outside. They pour rank upon rank in an orderly tide. After they look a minute longer the two friends talk about the dream that Hans had. A few days ago Will had been in the concentration camp too and since then they had been following the story quite closely in order to divine what the Overmind was up to. This latest turn of events makes Will look worried, he knits his brow in thought for a second before he jumps up all of a sudden and starts pacing the room. When he had made two lengths in front of Hans he suddenly says, “Well I say it’s related”, “What’s related?” Hans shoots back. “The walkers and your dream, I say the walkers are escaping from this new danger”. This idea intrigues Hans and soon the two friends take the window outside to see if they can prove this premise. Sure enough they look through the window and see that all the walkers are leaving the city. The wind kicks up and the sky becomes overcast as Hans and Will begin to have a great feeling of impending disaster.

            That Monday the machine turned on for the second time and starts blowing large quantities of mist again. That day at school Hans, Will, and all their friends meet at lunch and decide to make war on the machine again. Will is especially excited since this will be the first time he has attacked the machine. They all decide the best plan is to put their most magical Items on the machine. After school the friends hurry to Will’s house where Hans and Will have all their magical items in a dresser drawer. After they grab the wand Canaata gave Hans, along with some of the old lady’s relics they run outside and hurry across the street to the machine. As they are crossing the soccer field a car full of agents pulls into the parking lot. The group hides in the mist running past tons of junk in the soccer field like old shopping carts and things. Once they made it to the machine Hans clambers over the fence and puts the Window, Wand and Thing from the old lady on the base of the tower. The second the wood thing from the old lady touched it, it screamed and died again like before. The agents come up the hill and everyone runs. The mist is gone the next day and Hans sees the cell phone tower man over there looking at it. Even though the machine had been destroyed, Hans still knew that Orfacius had power over the world of men. To try and further counter his influence that same day he went on an adventure alone to the Medical center and found a new wand, received enlightenment, and entered into the real world again. He could see all the dimensions at once and the influence of each as they comprised the whole world and none of the machine’s ideas clouded his mind. When he got to state 26 he suddenly appeared at Will’s house where Will and Monte were meditating together. Hans stayed with them and told them many things.

            One day Hans came over to Will’s house and met one of Will’s other friends. He was interested in all sorts of creative things. His name was Steven Stacy and he was incredulous as Hans and several of Will’s other friends began to talk to him about Canadianism. Monte especially began talking about how he had a dream realm where there were places where he could do all sorts of things and even contact other people when they were asleep as well. Steve Stacy asked for evidence of this dream world and asked how it can affect the normal world. It seemed especially interesting to him that Will, Hans and Monte could talk to each other in their dreams. Will and Hans decided to help Monte conduct an experiment to prove that joint dreaming can happen. Monte thinks of a code and Hans and Will then have to figure it out while we are asleep. Sure enough the next day Will and Hans go back to Steve Stacy’s house with the code written on two separate pieces of paper. When Steve Stacy opens each piece they say the same thing! After this Steve Stacy wanted more proof of Canadianism. That day all the friends were gathered together at the movie theater waiting in line to go inside. They had seven six sided dice there so Will told them that since he had a high state of mind he would call out what the dice would be before each roll. Strangely enough he did not call the dice as much as control the result. He called out, “all sixes!” each time for over five rolls. The result was so dramatic that soon other people in the line gathered around and looked in wonder at the goings on.

            All of a sudden there is a knock at the screen door of Hans’s new house. His family had just moved to a new house a block away from their old one. Hans’s friend Andrew is at the door and he asks Hans if he wants to go on a journey. Hans grabs one more piece of pizza and tells his mom he is going out as he runs out the door. They head through the warm evening weather down towards the medical center. Once they get there Andrew gets quiet and Hans knows he wants to ask him about his meditation there. Hans and Andrew stop there a moment and meditate. After this they jump down into the forest. The glade had always been special to Andrew. He tells Hans that he had dreams about that place. In one dream Hans and all his friends are grown up and they gather in this spot to play instruments and play beautiful music. Andrew looks forward to this happening in the future. Soon they walked through the trees to find that one of their usual haunts is flooded. There was a pool of water there that had not been there before. The two friends wade through the water just for fun when they feel something strange with their toes. They are round pipes at the bottom of the pool. They lean into the water and bring them to the surface. They are small sections of PVC pipe. On a lark Andrew puts one to his lips speaks through it. When he does his voice is strangely magnified! His voice seems to ring over the fields and bounces off the hills. After their adventure in the water the friends walk through the trees exploring until they find a strange pathway that they had not seen before. As they follow its wanderings they find a clearing that has a very powerful feeling. In its center was a stone with many markings. They go to the stone and Andrew is drawn instantly to touch it. As his hand brushes its rough surface his eyes look out into space and he begins to see the future. Soon Andrew stands and begins to tell Hans what he has seen. He says, “I name this place fort Canada; in times to come the Veritans will take this place as their home and stronghold. The forces of darkness will attack but will not triumph due to the power of this place.”

            That night amid boxes Hans lies in front of their new fireplace that his father has lit with a fire that envelops the dark room in a warm glow. Hans takes a quill and begins to write a great magical working. From his experiences in states of mind at the medical center he knew how to do so. He put his pen to the paper and created a spell of imprinting…

            Hans took everyone on an adventure. On the way they found a stage and for the first time the Canadians heard the story of Expedition as Hans and Will theatrically preformed it. Andrew then leads the friends to Fort Canada. The rock was there that Hans had first seen with Andrew. Hans and Andrew notice that the symbols on it had changed! Everyone came forth to touch it; as they did they all saw visions of space. But Monte tried to pray to it and was chastised in his mind by a magus. In times to come he would not talk about it because he took it as a great sin for which he felt guilty for too long.

            The bulge on the ring was complete. Hans had been crossing the front yard when suddenly he felt a horrible tugging sensation in his heart that was so painful he fell to the ground and tore up the grass all around. He could feel the death draw near as his spirit began to separate from his body. He felt a tranquil music drawing him closer from far away. Suddenly there was a shining stone right in front of him calling to him. He groped for it hoping to save his life. As soon as the stone was clenched in his hand Hans felt the pain in his chest stop, but in its place he felt an Icy evil. He could feel the stone reaching into his mind and he felt someone there watching him from the stone. He then knew that it was an evil Titan stone. He thought of throwing it away, but he did not want to die. He could feel a desire to keep the stone growing in him. It seemed to call to him speaking of power and dominion. Hans could feel his will beginning to bend when he realized what was happening and a feeling of revulsion stabbed through him. Before Hans knew what to do he was running toward the Provo River. When he reached the riverside he threw the stone away into the water. As Hans did so he felt strange. The horrible pain in his chest did not come back, but he felt hollow inside and he could feel the effect of the stone begin to leave him. He felt a moment of panic as he stood there motionless for fear that as soon as he walked away from the river that he would die, but soon this sensation left him and he turned away leaving the evil stone behind. After he had walked for a few minutes he saw an embankment in front of him near the side of the road. A stone rolled down the hill and rested at his feet. When Hans picked it up he felt peace and could feel the life of the forest.

            Later at Steve’s Gashler’s house there was a party and Hans told the other Veritans about what his experience. It is a masquerade party and it is hard to tell who is who. Three strange figures with frightening masks suddenly come through the doorway. The first one had a mask like a great bird and the other two masks like horrible demons. They bring Hans and a few others down to the basement where a strange tent like structure had been set up. There they give them a rite about the primordial secrets of creation and the secret of the worm of fear. They told them to go outside and as they do so they realize that they have gone into another dimension where there are many marvels. When they find their ways back to the party they have learned much, but the three figures are nowhere to be found.

            Hans walked into the Lodge to go report to the camp director. As he entered he noticed one of the new staff members looking at him intently from the back of the room. He had dark hair and blue eyes. The director sat at the desk near the door and saw that Hans was looking at the group. The director looked over his reading glasses and said, “I bet you will like that group they are weird too and they are from East Carbon!

            That night Hans meets the strange kid from East Carbon that he found out was named Lance. Lance tells Hans right away, “I can see you are a wizard, you are in good company so am I!” He goes on to say “This is Winky”; who had just materialized at his side. Hans tells him how his family used to live in East Carbon and Lance listens in rapt attention before he tells Hans, “we are going to go meet the whole gang out at parking, you coming along?” They go together out to the cars and have we have stick fights; Winky gets hurt somehow. This becomes a tradition every week.

            In the early morning sunshine Hans walks along the path shining with happiness. He was leading a large troop of scouts as they marched on into a canyon deep in the mountains. This year he lead the group as head ranger. All was tranquility on the trail until he heard a strange human voice call out, “HEyah! Clear the way!” Soon a long line of horses were coming at them over the trail with a bunch of squinting cowboys complete with wide hats. The troop had to stand on the side and let them go past. It was part of the new horse trek program.

            A few days later a storm blows into Beaver over the mountains and Hans knows that something evil is brewing. It is a girl’s week when young women come from all over the state to enjoy the camp. As the lowering clouds blow in all the girls run into the lodge just as it starts hailing. The hail soon becomes the size of golf balls. Hans ran into the Lodge too and found hundreds of girls packed inside soaking wet and nursing heads that had been struck by hail. Hans and Lars, a large man from Salt Lake realize that they need to save equipment that was left outside in the staff area. They ran through the trees towards the spot. When they reached their tent they took in the scene with dismay. They could not store the gear away safely because the tent had collapsed. The two intrepid men dove under the tent cover attempting to right it from the inside even as they took shelter from the hail that was now falling with ferocity. Once they were underneath the canvas everything started shaking. It seemed that something was hitting the tent that was much larger than the golf ball sized hail. Just as they had almost put the tent back up there was one huge crash and the whole tent came down on top of us. Now there seemed to be a crushing weight bearing down on them. For a few moments they were trapped and could not move.

Suddenly an icy river about half a foot deep started running through the tent. Lars was luckily a very large man and managed to struggle free and lift up the canvas up just enough for Hans to crawl out and help free the tent from the hailstones so that they could try and right it again. As soon as Hans looked out he saw something unearthly moving about up in the trees and looked up to see a very strange, thin, and spindly man with very little clothing and strange grey skin jumping fantastically over the branches of trees. He seemed to be fleeing from something. Hans realized that this must be the hail Titan. Before he knew it Hans felt the rage of battle coming upon him and began yelling after the man. Before he could get up off of his hands and knees something huge whizzed by his head and splashed in a puddle spraying his face with icy mud. I looked at the hailstone and to his astonishment it was a piece of hail the size of a soft ball! Suddenly he was on his feet and he looked up when he heard the air being cut by another projectile and barely dodged another hailstone headed straight for his head. Suddenly the air was filled with huge hailstones as the man bounded back through the trees intent on killing Hans. Hans quickly jumped back into the icy river under the fallen tent to save his own life only to meet Lars face to face. He was puzzled, and sputtered, “What are you doing?” Hans began, “there are huge ice balls out there the size of softballs!” Lars continued, “But I haven’t felt any hit the tent since I have begun standing up in here!” Lars looked at Hans and saw the fear there and they began righting the tent in wordless agreement. Once the tent was finally set up again they walked out and Hans showed Lars one of the stones. When Lars saw the hail stone and others like it sitting nearby he marveled at them.

            That night Lance told him all about his superstitions. They had been lying on their bunks talking in their GP medium when Lance began to tell Han about the spirits that attend him. They go with him and tell him things including hidden things about the future. At that moment there was a sound outside the tent of a truck and trailer driving onto the meadow. Han and Lance decide to go see who it is. They walk out of the trees and see a white SUV with a horse trailer near the horse trek outpost across the meadow. They both thought that was odd. They go back to the tent and begin to sleep, but Hans keeps thinking about the trailer in the meadow. As soon as all the others are asleep he decides to cross the road and walk across the dark meadow to see what is happening. Hans feels that this arrival is probably not just happenstance. As he gets closer walking the expansive gloom he hears a strange thundering sound coming near him.

With a shock of realization he realizes it is a stampede of deer coming right for him. In the dark he is not sure, but he thinks that he is cut off from the trees. Hans begins to run in desperation straight toward the horse trek outpost that he had come to spy on. As the trailer and the trees beyond begin to loom close Hans becomes so winded that he is beginning to lose hope. When he begins to collapse in the tall grasses relief grips him as he hears the stampede sliding past him and thunder off into the dark. Suddenly a man gets out of the SUV and light arcs toward him into the darkness. To his surprise the man is thin and drawn, dressed in a baggy robe, and Wizard’s hat! The man looks out across the meadow as if he can sense someone there his thin body taut as a drawn wire. After a few moments he turns and walks back behind the trailer. After a few moments Hans gets up and begins to walk back to his tent when suddenly sees an ominous shadow taller than the trees. Hans begins to run with all his might and soon reaches the tent, but hears a raspy breath from inside the tent. He can just seem to make out a hideous smooth head there in the pitch darkness. For a split second everything is quiet and time seems to stop until he is jolted back to reality by the voice of Canada that cries out for him to run. The next few moments are strange and dream-like as he propels himself away from the tent faster than he has ever run and into meadow where he sees nine deer strangely amplified by some wild magic and visible running with power in the darkness chasing the monstrous shadow he saw earlier. Soon the shadow is gone and Hans is left sitting in the meadow looking at the stars. He knows that a primal and unknown power has saved him. He feels safe and tranquil there for the mountain owns him even as it owns its very own. 


Chapter 9

The Greatest Adventure

            Soon after I arrived home that fall there was a huge fire on the side of the mountain above town. It took the fire crews several days to fight the fire and one night in the light of the fire we begin to tell Jon Fairbanks about Canadianism. Will then has a revelation that if Jon hadn’t invited me to the table that February day three years before. Me and Jon would have been telling Will about Canadianism that night instead, since Jon lived next door to me for most of the time it would have been most likely that I would have told him about my weird experiences first before Will, but fate had changed it’s course. Will also perceived that he would not have believed it and in this way it was better because Jon was different and had more of a chance to know the truth. Will and I felt the darkness growing. Will’s dad told us about how things had gotten very perilous at his work because there was now many BYU professors who were agents. Andrew was gone on a family vacation and lately Steve Gashler seemed angry about something and did not want to have anything to do with us. Will and I knew that we were alone and we made a pact that we would face the darkness together no matter what dangers would come.

            That night I saw Morgan in my dreams. I felt so happy to see him. He told me that the good Titans would soon be restored to the earth but that the evil ones were already here; they were coming to kill me.

            That next day I told my brother Adam that I was going to battle with the evil Titans and that I should probably not survive. I said goodbye to Mom and Dad knowing that I would probably not see them again in this life. And I walked to Will’s house in solemnity. On the way I saw three evil Titan’s come out of a house all in one body. The body was of a foot ball player that lived down the street from Will. But now he had a shaven head and a spiral painted on his forehead. I immediately hid in the bushes. I saw he had a pistol that he tucked in his pants. Then he started walking down the street but he didn’t see me. After I safely got to Will’s house, outside the night soon became snowy and silent. The snow fell and fell as Will and I sat in the kitchen waiting for the inevitable at any moment. Suddenly there was a knock at the door and we both jumped. We held up our wands and opened the door. But it was only my brother Adam. He told me he wanted to say good bye to me one last time if the battle was to go ill. We hugged and I tried to hold back tears as Adam gave me his magic staff. He said he thought it might be useful than said bye. Nothing seemed to happen that night so Will and I decided to go to sleep. Will slept up stairs and I down.

            In the night I awoke suddenly to see moon light coming through the window, but then something blocked it with a shadow. It was a black personage outside of the Window. Suddenly the Window slid ever so slightly open by its own. The personage then flowed through the crack into the room. I realized it was made of cloth. It was a black robe hanging in the air. It pulled a long blade from its bowels and emanating from it seemed to be pure darkness. I heard a blood curdling scream from Will up stairs but I was unable to move though my shock. Soon the darkness filled the room until there was nothing but blackness around us. I heard the shadows whispering voice, it filled my head, pushing out my thoughts and filling me with dread. Before I lost my will to resist I reached for the staff that my brother Adam had given me. I could feel my hand closing around it, but as I pulled it towards me it became a sword of light. The battle was begun as the swords of light and darkness clashed against one another. I wondered if we would be able to fight in Will’s basement, but I soon realized that we were elsewhere in a large open space open to the night sky. We fought until the struggle seemed to continue without me, like a dream that I was merely observing. On and on we fought, light against shadow, until I pushed at my nemesis with my last ounce of strength and his presence was driven back. Suddenly I seemed to be back in the basement where there was no longer any moonlight shining through the window. From this I knew that I had fought the lord of shadows for the majority of that dark night.

            I awoke early and went up to Will’s room to see if he was still alive but he was in a deathly sleep. I decided that I wanted to see Mom and Dad again so I ran back to my house but foolishly left the book and staff there. The visit came to nothing because everyone was gone somewhere. Then I heard it, a foul hum that seemed to engulf everything. I realized it was the machine. It was turned back on and was now making an awfully resonant sound instead of visible mist. I ran back to Will’s house and went in. There was no one in Will’s room, but I heard someone down stairs so I went down. I found that Dave Holms and Will were in the weight room. Than I saw something in Will’s eyes that I had never seen before. I saw pure contempt. I noticed that Dave was uncomfortable as if he was being held against his will. Will laughed and said. “Now you will die!” “Give me back the Book and staff” I demanded. He cried out, “No!” as he lunged at me in an effort to bring me to the ground. We engaged in combat throwing each other against the walls and weight equipment until suddenly Dave grabbed Will and I ran out the door. I went to Will’s room and grabbed the book and staff and ran down the street. The humming of the machine was becoming unbearable. I saw Will’s garage door open so I cut through yards to safety. On other streets I saw Will’s car looking for me. It was there in the bushes that I looked up to Mt. Timpanogos to see a huge and violent storm covering the mountain. I could tell it was no ordinary storm but a battle. I then knew what I had to do; I had to destroy the machine one last time. I drew a magical rune on my hand. The storm was rolling down the mountain and I made my way to the machine right as the storm was coming over the roof of the high school. I looked back as I was climbing the fence to see the three faceless nothing Titans running across the field. One pulled out a large pistol and pointed it at me. Shots rang out as I let myself down over the fence right next to the machine where the hum was unbearable. The clouds of the storm covered everything with cloud and the sound of thunder sounded right as I put the staff to the machine. And I shouted to the sky, “I offer myself as the magical Item to kill this evil.” I felt all the warmth of my body leave me through the staff. Suddenly I was being electrocuted. I shook and screamed in pain as I felt a countless amount of energy leaving and entering my body. I looked up in my agony to see a shaft of clear air open up to the blue sky like a giant tunnel straight up. And in that tunnel I saw the Titan ship leaving into space. As I blacked out I heard the voice of Canada say. “Sam we are leaving now and only two remain on the earth to restore all mental things. The heavens and the earth have touched in your age, and all things will be shortly given to man; Good bye my brother, my friend.”

            I awoke in the middle of the night. I was lying in the snow looking up at the stars. I suddenly realized that I was almost frozen to death. I was to the point to where the snow felt worm. So I got up and trudged home. The carpet in the living room burned my freezing feet. When I awoke the next morning I called Will and he was exited to hear I was okay. Will and I talked about all the things that happened and we marveled that we were still alive. Will told me that night he had lost control of his body. When he had completely lost control his soul screamed out in a mournful voice without his body so it echoed inside of the most dreadful darkness where he could neither move nor speak.

            A few days later I was home alone. The night had fallen and I sat in the living room in the green chair. Suddenly I looked up and saw an aura of an invisible man standing in front of me. He spoke to me saying, “I am Eloise. I shall give you the power to become a magi and administer all mental things.” Than he pointed at my forehead and I felt his finger touch me and I felt power flow into me

            A few days later Will and I went on a little adventure. We followed the Wind Titan where we heard her whispers as had happened a little before. Then Will stopped and held out his hand. He heard words which I did not. I saw his face light up as something was placed in his hand by the Wind herself. He then told me he had received the keys of Titanship and of recognizing his wife the new Wind Titan. “I now know for myself that your dream of the Titans is true.” He said.

            All ye ends of the earth lift up your ears and hear the news. I Hans Woodmen and my best friend W C Stuart have received the gifts of Magicism and of Titanship to restore all mental and physical truths to the earth in this dispensation.




First Veritan Journal of Stephen Gashler
The History from an alternate view point

[Footnotes added by me in brackets and bolded.  Sorry Stephen, I just had to clearify a few things.]

But let us not ramble forever.  Let me get back to my friends and I and our quest.  (Besides the never ceasing quest to conquer the Tupperware, which we'll carry on till the end.  They might actually be the same quest if we became really deeply philosophical... Not now.)  What we're involved with isn't nearly abstract as I've rambled previously in the foregoing.  We've devised a club, we call "The Canadian Republic."  (I'll explain the name some day.)  Together, our mission is to "aspire the Matrix," as we call it, or, reach enlightenment, or Nirvana.

The base of our theories on the universe are actually very scientific as well as religious or philosophical.  But I'll make things known as I tell the story in chronological order:

It all began, for me at least, at a late night party, on a Friday Night (note that) at Jill Doria's house.  We'd thoroughly partied ourselves silly, and in our weakness decided to watch a movie, which so happened to be "The Truman Show."  (Greatest movie of all time.  If you haven't seen it, see it!  For now I'll assume you have.)

Immediately my mind was opened in a philosophy I've often believed in a sort, and dreamt of, but had never fathomed so vividly until I saw that movie.  As I watched it, I just felt so-glorious, like I was watching the very story of my life.  It felt like I was reaching Nirvana and enlightenment right there.  I was struck dumb in wonder of the thought that perhaps reality wasn't real.

Refusing a ride home, I made sure to walk home alone that night, with just me and the quiet streets.  I pondered life, the universe, and evertyhing like I never had before, looking at everything in new angles, with new light.  I looked at everything suspiciously, and accusingly.  Even religious matters.  Although I've always known it to be true, the truth hit me suddenly so hard here, that you just can't take reality at it's face value.

Some time later I was in school one day, when Samuel Shaffer, a demented hill billy with the longest hair of any male in the school came walking by with a curious peice of paper in hand.  I asked to see it, but he refused; but after several naggings, he allowed me to see it, promising I'd be extremely careful, not let anyone touch, and that it was very top secret.  He said it was the start to a book he was writing about dimensional hopping.

So I chuckled to myself, took the paper, and went to my next period, during biology, I read it.

It was stupid.

It was a one page story written in a sixth grade spelling level, about a guy in a prison who suddenly disappears into a different dimension.

[This story was actually about a man who moved to another dimension, but to everyone in the prison it just looked as though he died, as there was still a body remaining.]

Some time later, after being fed up with Sam's constant bragging about hopping to different dimensions, and him refusing to let me in on the how-to secret.  I went to WiL Whitlark's house, who was the founder of Sam's wisdom.

[Regardless of Stephen's dislike for me at the time the truth of the matter is that Veritanism was a collaborative effort between WiL and I.  The "wisdom" or philosophy of Veritanism did in fact come from me; while WiL collaborated with me to interpret it and give it intellectual and scientific context.]

WiL explained how he'd come up with a huge dimensional theory about how the 5th dimension consisted of every different possibility of our lives, and that while moving forward constantly 4th dimensionally.  The actions we chose made us move right or left.  5th dimensionally, which in theory is what all these different dimensions of Sam are.  The rest of WiL's theory was that everything in the universe is finite.  He says relatively speaking, in Order for there to be movement at all, the universe must be finite, applying to matter, dimensions, and everything.  (Not empty space though.)  (I don't understand this theory, but Mike also came up with it, so its worthy of my faith for now.)

[It is not that the universe or the dimensions are finite, it is that to move a finite distence you must teleport, as the distence is infinite, while appearing finite to us.  Also the dimensions I was talking about were not just slight movements based on random actions; I was actually moving between dimensions with more major differences.]

And he says that therefore there's a limit of fifth dimensional possibilities we could take.  The most natural and closely related dimensions would be the closest to the one you're in, and the most obscure, bizarre possiblities would be the furthest away.  Therefore to hop into a strange, new dimension, all it requires is doing something completely spontaneous or out of the ordinary, in order to go so far fifth dimensionally, that you go off the scale, and in some weird way slide sixth dimensionally-whatever that is.

He went further on his theories, and said that the reason most of the world is so shallow, and near-sided in grasping the truth in the universe, is because there's a dark force that's trying to keep them within a narrow fifth dimensional scale, trying its hardest to keep us from escaping.  This force he calls the Overmind, which is some monitoring force of the dimensional scales that wants to keep us in place, or in ignorance, when occasionally we do get a sudden impulse to do something completely out of the ordinary, he's that force of rationalizing doubt that tries to make us decline.

In essence, what WiL came up with was the scientific explanation of the same theories I believed.  Furthermore, it directly applied the Truman Show to our lives.

For instance, now and then, Truman would observe tiny glitches in his life-things that Christof didn't intend to happen.  As soon as Truman would pay any heed to it, Christof would try his very hardest to cover it up, with an ultimate goal to keep Truman completely ignorant of the truth-that his life was a false reality.  But there continued to be tiny little clues and help from outside sources thrown to Truman, that Christof couldn't always cover up.  When Truman would see these things, and act on these sudden impulses, being spontaneous, he began to break free from Christof's prison, grasping more and more of the truth, until at last, he confronted his largest fear-Christof's greatest weapon against him-and broke through the faulty horizon, setting himself free.

As you can guess we-everyone in this world - are Truman.  Christof is the Overmind.  And the girl who was trying to help him, or the mysterious outside help, that we have yet to identify, but we believe in it.

Personally, I have no trouble in stating that the Overmind is the devil, and the outside help God, but we have no need to state or conclude on this yet, for we don't want to claim anything as doctrine, for we really have no idea.  All that matters is that there's a force of-to us-darkness, that's trying to keep us imprisoned in our ignorance, and there's a force of light, trying to help us break free, and break through the faulty horizon, reaching enlightenment.

So that's the basis of our belief.  We don't view this as an abstract metaphor, expecting to carry out over lives like the rest of the world, but we literally expect to see the threads of the cosmose unwind as we literally break free from this prison.  We expect many cool things to happen, as many already have.

And so thus began the adventures.

[WiL and I didn't actually think this plane would disappear, when we spoke of the real world we were apperently thinking of concepts that the other Veritans seem to have misunderstood; or that we framed in a certain way to modivate them to an end.]

From then on, cool things began to happen.  Over time, we formed a group of me, WiL, Sam, Andrew Whittaker, and eventually Monte EMerson, with a few others through the other guy's connections.

[Monte was only present for a few of the adventures.]

We would often gather at night and just roam the streets together, conversing.  We began to unfold strange but cool things, like symbols of some mystic orientation.  Like the following:

[The veritan triangle and circle resting on a plain, with a line coming out from the middle on the left side, and a line extending from the top of the right triangle angle.]

I think that was it, but I think WiL came up with that in some mystic state of mind.  Then we found the exact symbol in the garden area of a business complex.  We quickly dubbed it Merry Mice Territory, and made it a place of impotant meetings.  It has some deep meaning of which I will not go into explanation.  But WiL says it's the most mathematically correct symbol he's seen, because if you add up the sides from any weird way, or something like that, it always equals 729.  Sounds stupid, but it really is cool if he could explain it to you.  (The real symbols a little different.)

[Look up, Geometry Problem 729: Triangle, Altitude, Orthocenter, Circumcircle, Perpendicular, Midpoint.]

But the number 729 is of great significance because - I can't quite remember, but I'll get to it someday.  Anyway, we started watching channel 729 on TV, which was nothing but static.  We realized that the static channel was the most important, yet most commonly overlooked channel.  So we watched it.  All of us began to see similar images in the static, such as a snake, and a abook.  I myself saw a book that was chained, but then the chain turned to a belt.  Then the belt opened, revealing a book with a circular insignia theron, which then turned into an open window.  We saw many other things of great significance.

So we decided that we needed to find a secluded, forgotten yet reachable book, with nothing but a round insignia on the cover.  From that, we'd get some marvelous inspiration - the window.

We went to the school library, and literally within 30 or less seconds, we pulled out a book with nothing but an insignia on the front.  That very second, the librarian appeared, and told us in an angry tone to leave the library because we had been throwing books around and making a mess, which was not in anyway true.  After long pleads of our innocence, and refusing to give into her request, we were finally allowed to check it out.

We found that the book had never before been read, obviously matching the symbolism, along with the librarian.  You see, this sort of thing happens to us all the time.  Whenever we're getting onto something important, there's adversity trying to stop us, usually in the form of person.  (For every action there is an opposite reaction.)  We call these people agents of the Overmind.  They're like the people who would be given orders from Christof to try and stop Truman.  But the name we give them comes from another movie, The Matrix.  The Matrix is another extremely cool movie that is about this same thing, and in many ways, even more accurate and to the point.  However I didn't find it as inspiring as the Truman Show, but still dang cool, and a must see.

(I hope you don't think we're getting all our inspiration and wisdom from movies, and that we're easily-media-influenced dillusioned, overly romantic crazy guys.  We don't look for truth or deep meaning in the media, it's just that recently some wonderful works have been produced of which we love so much because we can so relate to them, being awe-stricken that others have produced the same and expanded on our theories.  They put our abstract thoughts into words, which can again be good and in some ways bad.

[Actually WiL and I only used terminology from these movies to try and explain things to the Veritans that they were having a hard time grasping.  These movies didn't do anything to expand our philosophy in reality.  Maybe it did for Stephen.]

But the way the Matrix portrayes these agents of the Overmind, is that they're just ordinary people, the same as us, who are not payed actors like in the Truman Show, but rather, they are the weak minded, of whom the Overmind will incluence to carry out tasks for them.  In essance, the opposite of those who act on intuitive instinct.  Perhaps they act on the lack thereof.  So we don't view these people as enemies, for they are in ignorance, but as rivals, or trials.

I can imagine by now you must be semi-skeptical as I speak of this, which sounds as a dullusioned fantasy to you so freely.  It's so very difficult to make an account of all we've seen and felt. I can agree that when just spoken of like this, it all just sounds silly.  That's because it can't really be explained.  One must feel and experience what we have.  But oh, if you had, then you would believe.  We have experienced many, many phenomenal things, and if we denied all of this now, it would be like Laman and Lemuel denying they had seen an angel.

(Please keep in mind we're in no way starting our own religion, doubting or straying from the Church in any way, or at all leading ourselves to apostacy.  Much of this does have to do with religion, but never in any negative way.  We're only exploring new parts of the mind, reality, and the universe.

There was one guy named Scott who was very similar to us, that was an independent believer of the Matrix, of whom we recruited to our group.  Until one day, he called us up and said he couldn't be apart of us anymore, because his Mom told him that being a philosopher leads to apostacy....and that was the end of him.

Oh, how can people be so shallow?!  No one can condemn us for daring to think beyond the boundaries of this world.  How could I stop philosophying?  That's like saying you can't look to your right or left, Ever!  You can only look forward.  Trust us, we've seen it, and there's nothing to look at.  If you do look, you're a sinner.  No one can strip man of his right to think and wonder.)

Now back to the story:

We gave WiL the book to read, for we were too lazy, and he was a fast reader.  The book was a novel, called Shibumi.  Basically it was about a young man, following his stages of life through a time of war.  He started as a typical ignorant, all-knowing boy that through the chastening of an extremely tattered life, refined his character, especially from the wisdom of a certain wise man.  (The details are very vague to me, especially since I didn't write it.)  This old man was in essance the experienced, older version of the kid.  He taught him about a higher way of life, and especially about a certain state of mind that directly applied to us.  He spoke of this state of mind one can reach, where you can have this ultimate power over everything, where the spirit is at it's highest inspiration, where the soul is at it's happiest, and where one can basically fly being able to overcome anything.  Also, in regards to this philosophy of his, he said an important quote that was, "It's so true, it doesn't have to be real."  And he just went on and on, explaining this feeling and state of mind.

The reason we could relate to this so much was because we knew and had felt exactly what he was talking about.  Many times.  Once again this put our feelings into words.  We for a time called this feeling Shibumi.

[Another book I found with an insignia on it was Plato's Republic.]

The first time we experienced Shibumi in its fullest was on a certain Friday night no other than my birthday.  My homies and I were at my house, playing lame roll-playing games, when Sam and WiL had arrived.  They immediately pulled me into the garage, and began to explain their story to me, extremely excited.  WiL said how he was going through an old notebook of his, and he found an entrance that he remembered he didn't know why he wrote it, or what it was even about.  When he read it, he realized that it was an exact descrition of Samuel Shaffer, who he didn't know when he wrote it.  It was a first person narrative, explaining a person who had long hair, saw the world in a weird demented way, spoke of nonsensical, twisted things, had a big nose, who was not accepted by society, and but that he was, until this sudden mystic, complete change of character came over him.  Oh yes, and that his favorite number was 5.

All of this was 100% true about Sam.  (How many peoples favorite number is 5?)  You see, up until Sam was 12 or so years of age, he was a completely normal person, who hung out with the popular, socially acceptable crowd, that had short hair, and was exactly what society wanted him to be.  Until one single night, something completely magical happened.  He woke up at about 3 in the morning, and had a burning impulse to find a vest and 1920s style hat.  So h e did.  When he looked at himself in the mirror, he was a completely new man, and he has from that point on in his life.  Everyday he dressed like a 1920s train engineer, he started growing out his hair, and he began to lose his friends, being no longer socially acceptable, because for some reason, he no longer cared what people thought about him.  He stirred up so much trouble in his school in fact, that he was either expelled or forced to be home schooled under the circumstances.

[This change actually occured during the Green Candle experience, when I was in ninth grade; and I wasn't expelled but had previously been homeschooled.  Also WiL's note book talked about someone being asked questions about a world they were creating.  WiL read the questions to me an I answered them all the same.  This was WiL and I trying to prove to Stephen that the origination of Veritanism was prophetic, but since he didn't realize that it had originated from my philosophy, this apperently went over his head at the time.]

And so he was, up until 9th grade.  When he moved here.

[I started school in Price and moved to Provo in 10th grade.]

I don't think he really learned anything inbetween, for he still seems to function on about a 6th grade level, but on the contrary, he became a true man of wisdom.  The way his mind thinks is far above the rest of this world.  Most look at him with distasteful disgust, but us, his close friends watch him with awe, no matter how often we make fun of him.  But his story is so remarkable, and represents a true example of this so called Shibumi.

Anyway, later on we determined that at that same aproximate time in our lives, when the big change came over Sam's life, a likewise one occured in all of our lives.  It was when I moved from Sandy, which was the biggest emotional change in my life, when Andrew moved here from Virginia, and when something big, but I'm forgetful, happened to WiL.

Now on this night of my birthday, in the garage, they also explained a new concept they'd thought of, which was the last missing piece in our search of enlightenment (to a degree at least.)  The concept was, "Because," which was the answer to that great question of, "why?"

We'd been trying so hard to reach enlightenment before, that we couldn't.  We were trying too hard, when in truth, we could do it all along, - because.  It's a simple as that.  The only reason of why we can do it, is because there's no reason of why we can't.  We could fly if we wanted to.  Man could do anything he puts his mind to.  We needn't fear or doubt, but just do it - because.  Do or do not; there is no try.

And so at that moment, I was taken in by this new thought, and carried away by the Spirit, as they already had been.  We felt sheer enlightenment, because we wanted to.

Immediately, my other friends rushed into the garage, and tried to force us to tell what we were talking about.  But of course we couldn't tell.  We wanted to, but we could only share this with those who we know would believe.

The night went on, and we wee playing Signal, a game somewhat similar to hide-and-go-seek.  Finally, we were allowed to escape from the others.  I climbed to the top of the hill behind my house, and beheld the night time city, and the vast stars.  Everything looked and felt so incredibly surreal.  I felt this wonderful feeling of enlightenment, and my senses were experiencing the most divine thing I'd ever felt.  In the Matrix, once these people have escaped from the faulty reality, they can return, and knowing it's not real, they can bend the rules beneath their fingers.  They can jump, move, and control things like Jedis.  That's exactly how I felt.  I felt like Earth's gravity didn't apply to me, that I could just fly away.  For that night, I felt like, and was a Jedi.

I returned to the game, and feeling completely indestructable, stood in complete open space, to where Enoch, who was it, could easily see me.

And he didn't!  He looked right past and through me.

At least for a long time.  After awhile, the cool feelings always diminish, and I seemed to lose my power.

As I looked back, I realized that he probably just couldn't see me because I was standing behind a bright light.

But isn't that good enought?  Isn't there a practical reason to everything?  There has to be.  When the miraculous and supernatural does happen, I think that most of the time, it's done under the rules that govern this reality, else it seems to me that the laws of nature would be blown off proportion, and everything would be screwed up.  However, I don't think this always applies.  Maybe it does.

What's important is that I felt enlightened.  I boldly walked into the open space, determined and conclusive that Enoch wouldn't see me, when to my knowledge there was no practical reason why he wouldn't.

That night, we realized how real this was, the power we had, and how wonderful it felt.  The opposition of the other only enhanced it.

And so it continued.

[Stephen and I had an argument shortly after that night about perfect faith.  I told him he had to never doubt it to generate perfect faith and he said he had already tried that and there was always a logical explanation; which made me throw up my hands in regards to his understanding.]

Many a night was set out and had grand adventures seeking enlightenment, and reaching this state of power.  We would often discover cool and wonderful things, as well as did we face much opposition.  We found ourselves quite frequently running from the cops and other agents of the Overmind.  Occastionally being caught and chastened (We never did anything wrong, other than be out past curfew, or occationally tresspass on public property after hours.  We began to discover the faults more and more of this reality, as well as dicover the true reality and power of our adversary.  We would often find us in situations where we had strong impulses involving facing and overcoming great fears.  Many nights we returned in defeat, many in joyous victory.

One way we knew we had a victory, though, was that at the end of each glorious night, a car of teenagers would always drive by, yell, "F You!" or something stupid, then throw objects at us like water balloons or pop cans.

It happens All the time, like it never has in my life.  They're people I've never seen in my life.  They don't even seem real!  They're people so shallow and pointless, they could only be agents of the Overmind.

Night after night we've watched them race away, while were dripping wet.  We'd yell back in reply, "Thank You!  You are Special!"  Then we'd turn to each other, smile, and merrily congradulate ourselves, joyously celebrating all the way home.

These pathetic, shallow attempts of this adversary only lift our spirits with positive energy and strengthen our testimonies.

It's great to have an adversary.  It makes life so much more ramantic and enjoyable.

One day, I went to my computer to type up a Freedome Festival Essay on America, and the Encyclopedia, I'd got for Constitution, immediately opened up strait to Canada.

At that instant, I felt wonderful and inspired.  I knew immediately that Canada had to be the name of our club, and this wonderful power and state of mind.  I realized that Canada was the perfect metaphor to this power and enlightenment.

Canada, the country, is this big mysterious place above all of us that we all know exists, but none of us really know anything about it.  Many people don't even think it's a real contry.  It's a perfect metaphor for us.  To reach this power and enlightenment, we call is to reach Canada.  And we are the Canadian Republic.

[Stephen brought a paper to school that said Canada on it in big letters.  By this time WiL and I had already had visions of the girl we call Canada.  We knew her name started with a C, but could never quite remember her actual name.  When Stephen suggested that we be called Canadians, WiL and I said to each other that we should call her Canada.  The name Veritan came shortly there after when we realized we could not be called Canadians as that would confuse people.]

Our Mission is to find others, gather them, and together aspire the Matrix, or reach ultimate enlightenment.

Much, much more has happened, but it's all so hard to tell, I've forgotten much, it would be too excessive for now, and I grow weary of writing.  We don't expect you to believe, for you have not felt what we have.  But always have an open mind, and realize that ignorance is indeed your greatest enemy.

My stories are very incomplete, but I will try to eventually record as much as I can.  Even now, much this record is lacking is contained in other records we have or are producing.

As for now, I make an end.  I can not yet draw any conclusions, for it's almost as new to me as to you.  All I know is that something-cool things have happened, and I needed to record them.  Amen.

[My over all impression of this Journal, (even though it is fun to read and is a good collaboration of History,) is that I am disappointed that Stephen's view of it was so shallow, and that he apperently didn't see or notice much of the epicness that I experienced.  If such a Spirit of skepticism surrounded the other Veritans it is no wonder that they thought my experiences were tall tales.]