The Teachings of the Magi and of the Veritas

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Here are some pictures I drew at the time of writing Voyage of the Titans, and I will give a brief overview of the story in the context of the pictures.  The full edited novel will be in the Green Candle.

Han Finally seeing the Dark Mountain from the outside.

Han finds the house under the tree but the old woman is gone.

An ancient machine made by the Tuatha De Danaan which puts people into altered states in which they can visit the Meta.

The Forest Titan saves Han from some agents of the overmind that chased him from the city of Kymoor after Han climbs up a small cliff over a pond.

The Titan Temple upon which rests the Titan ship in the cloak of a cloud.  Han visits it and leaves with the Titans just after witnessing a fateful battle in which the Forest Titan dies at the hands of the Clay Titan.


The Titan Ship.

The Water Titan battles the Death Titan to let Han pass to get relics from the abandoned house of Dro.

The Water Titan saves Han, Canata and a chest from the Hail Titan atop the house of Dro by reaching his tentacle out the bottom of the ship.

The Fire Titan welcoms Han to the Ship's Library.

Dro gains the Hidden Flame during an altered state of consciousness and frees many outer rim rangers from the agents of the overmind, as well as helping transport the Titan Ship.

When Dros light emanates out of the mountain there is a huge battle against the zombie like army of nothings the overmind has raised.  At the same time Kymoor is overthrown by the Dark Titans; Morgan and Trivanian are killed.

An exagerated view of the rings of Uranus among the astroids of which is the Temple of the Titans.  The Titans along with Han and Canada visit the Temple as well as a space station around a moon of Uranus called the Life Station.  While at the Life station which is made of giant domes, Han and Canata are sealed together by a fire priest at a stone circle.

A battle ensues between the light and dark Titans around the Temple astroid and the Life Moon.

Han and Canada land on the Life Moon and surrounded by bubbles of warm air provided by the Wind Titan they discover an ancient stone circle on the moon.  There Canata looks into Han's eyes with pure love and becomes the Life Titan, which brings the energy of life to the moon temporarily.  They return to the Temple of the Titans to forge a Titan stone for Han and discover his inner world.

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I just got the hard copy of my book Voyage of the Titans! It turned out really good. It is bound really nicely and the inside looks great! They did a beautiful job on it. The words are nice and large and it includes illustrations. Below I have links where you can get it and read it.

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Psycho Analysis of Voyage of the Titans 


By a Gnostic

I read Voyage and enjoyed it immensely.  I believe I took from it things which might go unnoticed by most readers since I approached it from the perspective of dream interpretation.  My first observation occurred when I read about the dream of the dark rite of human Sacrifice towards the beginning of the book.  In this dark rite of passage we learn that the initiates become the dark beings known as Nameless, Faceless and Past-less.  This immediately struck me having also read Expedition; not because of references to these agents or beings in that book, but because of its reference to Han and Dro themselves.  Han and Dro were Past-less, having no memory of the past, only remembering Nothingness.  I then thought, what is the purpose of the altar rooms containing the bodies?  Is it simply a storage method, and if so isn’t there a more efficient way to store bodies?  I now believe them to be healing chambers, made to prepare the souls to be whole when devoured.  I believe Han’s dream of the dark rite, is in fact his first flashback.  I believe it is a memory!

At one time Han was rebelling against God, which is why he is in this spiritual hell.  It also occurred to me that Han and Dro’s names were the first things revealed to them; it seemed to be a priority for whatever good spiritual forces were helping them.  Expedition was primarily about conquering barriers, although Voyage is where we finally get into the meat.

I believe the Meta machines are an allegory of imagination; contained in the head, like the ball of glass and still limitless.  I believe that you did not accurately remember the shape.  I think that it was a dodecahedron.  I believe it took this form because it is a subconscious reference to Plato’s realm of ideals: The perfect solids being a symbol of that realm.  The ideal realm of ideas and the Meta is one and the same thing; this realm then gives form to spiritual material as well as physical.  Plato has already been called upon in this series in the form of seeming references to the Allegory of the Cave, so this connection seems logical.  Han meets Orfacious and then escapes not into the true world, but into Orfacious’ world.  This shows that Han’s imagination is still tainted by his time under the influence of Orfacious, but he severs that connection through a moment of death and dissolution of former perceptions.  Han of course escapes then into the real world.

Han finds the house under the tree and it is abandoned…  I am sure you know your own story, but let me set up the image.  I believe the tree to be a symbol of Han himself.  Han had been given information that changed his soul and had disregarded it, and this remorse brought up this memory first of all memories.  This truth which lived in his soul was that there were worlds without end, and that he could see any one of them that he wished as long as he went against the current of darkness.  Han had not repelled this darkness, and therefore this was forgotten but meaningful guilt.  A psychosis if you will that leads him to act differently than anyone else in the caves.  So this was the climax of the journey that started with that dream.  He was now left without a solution, but to seek that which his soul had lost!

What happens next is the most important part of the narrative for understanding the meaning of the story.  Han sees a woman wearing a blue veil.  Han is reminded of Canada, and then something important happens…  He hears her voice and faints.  At this stage Han’s subconscious mind probably realizes that this is not Canada, and Han cannot take another loss the way he just had with the old lady.  So in this moment Han’s mind makes an archetype of this woman as not only Canada but also as a motherly caring figure.  Before I go on, you must know that this is not the same as the Canada he recognizes among the Titans.  No matter what the narrative says, his future love, this woman and the Canada in the mountain are all different Canadas.  Humor me for a moment and I will explain.

Firstly Han is a spirit and this woman with the blue veil can’t see him.  When Han faints and she becomes a motherly archetype in his mind, she is also literally becoming his mother.  She did not carry him back on a donkey; she carried him back in her womb!  This is why we see Han waking to a series of initiations which mimic, birth, bloodline and first perceptions of the creation.  I know this is a stretch, but bear with me.

When Han first goes out into the woods again and begins exploring his world, he again finds a Meta Machine.  The first Meta Machine symbolized his spiritual mind, and this Meta Machine now symbolizes Han’s childhood imagination.  In it Han creates a world.  This is part of his subconscious desire to see all worlds.  This same desire to discover drives all creativity.  Han receives some persecution at his child-like fantasy and the convictions it has given him, and we see that the Meta Machine has now become desecrated.  This symbolizes the sadness at having one’s higher ideals called into question, and the spirals symbolize his will to create and wonder at life being sucked out of him.

Han is abducted by Titans with a space ship, and among them he meets a girl that he recognizes as Canada, or in other words he sees the virtues of his mother in her.  On a side note, I know that seeing the spaceship as literal and these other things as not seems a little unorthodox but again bear with me.  At this point we have four Canadas.  We have the supernatural Canada in the spiritual world that we can call the Goddess version of Canada.  We have the old woman under the tree from Han’s previous life, or the Hag version of Canada.  We also have Hans mother, and his new love interest.  This covers the four classic Goddess types; maiden, mother, hag and Goddess.

Han goes on this quest into space and many interesting psychological things happen, such as seeing the ideal Zion like city, as well as visiting its opposite; and although many of these things are important to Han’s psychology and understanding, I think we can skip over most of them for now.  The next area of interest to me is the battle that occurs after the temple of the Titans is attacked.  This is an aerial battle conducted in space fighters over the asteroid.  It is my firm yet unorthodox belief that this battle actually ends in tragedy.  Despite the narrative I think they all died!  If they did not all die, then how did Han and Canada who were inexperienced pilots survive while all the battle hardened Titans died?  There is a reference to Han learning that Canada has gone down to the planet and he follows her.  “Gone down” in this sense is literal in my opinion.

Han and Canada get out of their ships upon this moon despite it being a Moon in the outer solar system which is probably just above zero Kelvin.  This is explained away as possible through the ability of the Wind Titaness, although I believe this is just an explanation for the sake of the narrative.  The most supernatural and symbolic thing in the whole book then takes place.  Han and Canada embrace and kiss and all nature bows in reverence through the act of making the whole moon around them burst into life!  I believe this was a spiritual effect, since they are dead.  I believe they are making it spiritually come alive by forcing a transfer of life from the Meta itself into the spirit world.  This is no small matter, but the very act of creation!

Han clears up the last thing he must do, in gaining a Titan stone so that he can continue to affect the world after he and Canada have moved on.  There is then a scene where the temple of the Titans comes down to meet them.  In my opinion this is actually a different temple.  The Temple that comes down from above to meet them is the temple where Han and Canada’s resurrected bodies awaited them!  May you abide in the Love of Christ.